TV Addict: #SleepHollow S2 E9 – Mama! - Archived

Okay, I just had to say something about this episode because … FINALLY!

So, the first half of season two is moving a bit slow. As ET’s InsideTV’s blog post by Hilary Busis pointed out in this postSleepy Hollow has some issues and I agree with just about all of them. I love zombie John Cho, but I don’t mind if he doesn’t come back.

With E9, we see Hawley help Abbey because Ichabod is sick. I have to say, I like seeing more of Hawley. I have yet to see how he’ll fit into this gang, but so far, I like that he’s a different element … and that he’s a much needed ally, because I really feel that our two witness should get more of them.

Anyway, moving on to why I say “FINALLY!” We get to see the Dixon lineage FINALLY coming into play. Ever since season one’s reveal that Grace Dixon, an ancestor of Abbey and Jenny, crossed paths with the Crane’s and proved to be a witch I had wanted to see the show pull in this lineage. I’ve been patiently waiting to see how their lineage would resurface and I’m so glad to finally see it take place in this episode.

I was sad to see Lori Mills’ backstory, because she was a fierce woman protecting her daughters, but I’m happy to see that TeamWitnesses have another source, a witch’s journal, to aid them. I’m also hoping to see the girls (at least Jenny) be able to tap into this magical line to help this team.

On the downside, I was hoping to see more of Katrina’s power, but I guess I’ll have to wait for the next episode to see her powerful magic come to life (as Busis’ post pointed out, Katrina is supposed to be this powerful witch and we haven’t seen her ‘powerful’ yet).

I can’t wait to watch episode ten! (Hopefully, I will by this weekend)

(NaBloPoMo 2014, Day 26)