Biblio 411: Poison Princess (Arcana Chronicles, #1) by Kresley Cole

Genres: fantasy

IMG_5031.JPGA little over a year ago, I previewed the book series The Arcana Chronicles in this post. It’s been sitting on my list for over I year. I’m sorry, I was distracted by KMM’s Fever Series, Kiera Cass’ Selection Series, Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices/Mortal Instruments, Deborah Harkness’ All Souls Trilogy Series, Tonya Kappes’ Charming Series, and even Karen Cantwell’s Ghostly Romance Series. Not to mention a whole bunch of movies, TV, and other books in between.

But its allure is still just as strong as it was last year and since I got caught up with all my other series, I took a crack at Poison Princes Sunday evening and ended up reading from 10p on Sunday night until 5a Monday morning. I couldn’t believe it! It’s the first time that I can remember that I lost track of time and lost an entire night’s sleep. Seriously. I’ve read and watched TV until the wee hours of the morning, but I’ve always made it a point to force myself to sleep by 4:15a, whether I’m in the middle of a plot climax or not. But I completely spaced on the time Sunday evening and when I went to check to the time I freaked out realizing my alarm was going to go off in 10 minutes.

So, as you can probably gauge from my reading marathon, this book is AWESOME! It’s a total page turner for me. I really ease.

This story has a solid plot. It didn’t drag or seem confusing. It moved right along. I just had to know what happened next. And when I forced myself to sleep at 5:05a, adjusting my alarm clock to give me at least a 30 minute cat nap, I had to skim the up coming chapters to figure out what happened next.

As I mentioned in my preview post, Ms. Cole basis her characters and plot on the Tarot deck. This is what intrigued me the most because I had never read a story where the supernatural element is tarot cards. There’s been witches, demons, werewolves, vampires, magic and such, but I’ve never seen one revolve around this particular subject. It was fascinating to read. There’s love, mystery, sadness, hope, action, and fun rolled into this unique story line and Ms. Cole does an excellent job weaving her magic into words.

She does a great job introducing the characters of this deadly game and I love how she allows us to get to know them. We get very familiar with them. Does that make sense? That’s the best way I can explain it. I just love the chemistry between Evie and Jackson. I really do. The characters are strong, almost immediately. I’m not sure if I’m explaining that correctly either. I mean, there wasn’t any character that “grew on me.” They were right out of the gate familiar in their own skins. Don’t get me wrong, there’s growth throughout the book, but it’s different from what I’ve experienced before.

In some ways I’m so disappointed that I missed the grand début of this wonderful series, but at the same time I am so glad I waited as long as I did. Ms. Cole has some doozy of a cliffhanger at the end of this one and I am so very glad I was able to jump into the next book immediately. I don’t know if I could handle a year or more’s wait to know what happened next. And even now, I’m more than half way through the second book, Endless Knight, and I can’t believe I have to wait until January for the next one!

I’m definitely adding this to my library. No question. Just a heads up though. It’s edgy for a YA audience. Ms. Cole really pushes on that YA-Adult border and since I can cross lines pretty easy, it doesn’t bug me. But it may bug some. By edgy I mean there’s swearing and descriptive imagery on certain apocalyptic images. Keep in mind it’s a game to the death and edgy. Compared to the Hunger Games and even Twilight, this book tops that. Just thought I’d mention that.

So, one book down, six more to go. Yay!

Favorite Scene:
I don’t have one moment in particular. They’re all very good. If anything, I really enjoy Evie’s interactions with Matthew.

Favorite Characters:
All of them! Okay, I’m being difficult. If I have a lovable favorite, it’s Matthew.  Followed very closely by Death. Yep. You heard me. I’m very intrigued in his story.

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