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Spoiler Alert: There probably are spoilers
Before I get into it, know that I have not watched the mid-season finale. I am writing this post before I watch it because … well … I’m gearing up for it.

So … Frozen.

Well, like the rest of the OUAT fandom, I was just as shock to see Frozen, live action, in the last few minutes of the Season 3 finale. After the shock wore off, I had mixed feelings about it. I think I was just anxious to see it all play out.

Fast forward to the Season 4.

The premiere was awesomeness! I liked how they brought in Elsa. The episodes that follows were just as good too. I liked the conflict between Emma and Killian (although I really hope to see their relationship grow by the end of this season), the search for Ana is a nice twist, I really liked seeing Will Scarlet thrown in there (I was wondering if and when he was going to show up), and the Regina-Robin true love struggle. Out of all the possible story threads this season, the one that most intrigues me is Operation Mongoose.

I am so curious where this story line leads to. The author of the fairy tales. The one who can give villains a happily ever after. The person who could possibly allow us to see an honest win for Regina.

(Hm, I just realized my post is taking a turn off topic. Let me get us back on track …)

But getting back to Frozen.

This far into the new season, I have to say I hope the Frozen storyline finds a conclusion. As much as I liked how they tied it in, for some reason I’m finding it lagging just a tad. I do like how they brought in the Snow Queen herself though. I really, really do. I appreciate it even. I like how they’re tying the royal lineages and the fact that the rock troll has über powers, enough to wipe out all of Arendale’s memories.

But, it seems this story line is wearing out its welcome. For me, it’s just on the borderline of getting cumbersome.

On that note …

I’m looking forward to this week’s past episode, which I’m hoping to watch tomorrow crosses fingers. I’ve been catching up on homework since my computer was out of commission for a bit so … I. Can’t. Wait!

What are your thoughts on the Frozen story arch?

Pros vs cons … go!

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