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So, one Sunday afternoon I was watching In Search of Aliens with my brothers. It was a lazy day, nothing was on TV, and we’re big fans of the History Channel … well, we’re always watching stuff on that station anyway. History Channel had a marathon and we had already watched the episode about Nazi time travelers and had some discussion and thoughts about how weird it is that this isn’t the only thing that seems to link back to the Nazis. For one, mutation experiments on humans to make a super solider, even though not specifically attributed to the Nazi regime (like in X-Men: First Class and such), are linked back to Nazi research.

The episode that seemed to bring about the most discussion was the episode on the Lochness monster. We all found it interesting that history about this beast seem to trickle down through local legend as far back as the indians who lived in that region. We were debating about certain things the guide was saying to confirm and/or discredit the Lochness existence. And then I thought, and then asked the question, how do we know that it isn’t just an interdimentional shift that allows sightings of the Lochness and even Big Foot?

We were quiet after that, I’m guessing because we’re thinking it over, and then we slowly warmed to the idea. I mean, it is believed and theorized that the ghostly plane seems to overlap us, so to speak, so why couldn’t a similar creature or monster plane do the same? How we not know that an earthquake or a phenomena like a comet or something on that plane doesn’t cause a shift between planes that allows us to see them now and then? It would explain the reason we can’t find evidence of their life anywhere on the global. Wouldn’t it? And if we already believe in that ghostly plane theory, what’s to say that there aren’t layers upon layers of planes of existence which include a monster realm?

The show proposed the theory of time-travel and I could back that somewhat. Maybe not time-travel as direct theory, but more like a time bend kind of like bending space like they did in Dune. Sort of like every now and then shifts or pockets in time seem to twist or bend to the point where we can see these creatures, now and then, but they don’t stay in the here and now. Does that make sense?

Anyway, a quick google search tells me that the interdimensional theory isn’t new so I’m not expressing this as a stroke of genius on my part, just simple a perspective I never gave much thought of before now. I mean, even Eureka explored the idea of interdimensional theory as well as Warehouse 13. So … yeah. It just never occurred to me to see it applied to creatures and such.

What do you guys think? Do you guys give it much thought?

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