Biblio 411: Book vs Book Series

Since I’ve decided to blog about books, just about a year ago, I’ve been going back and forth on the decision to either review books in a book series individually or as a complete series or both. Up until recently, I could never not finish a book series so I never looked into reviewing a book series by the book. Now I’m not so sure. 20140501-133903.jpg

Thinking more about it, I’d say it would depend on the type of series. Some book series you can’t read out of order: You need to read book one before you read book two or else you’ll be lost. But how do you know that at the start of the series? Do you see my problem? 20140501-133915.jpg

All that aside, I think I made my decision. I think it would have to be both. It may even be beneficial to do both since I can compare the books as individual stories and how they contribute to the overall series. Having said that, I also think it may have to be a case by case basis since it would have to be according to how I view the series as a reader.

20140501-133923.jpgNeedless to say, this will be an interesting writing exercise. Now that I seem to know how to go forward, I can finally review the series I’ve been reading or have read, which means more writing. Which means more blogging. Which means I better get cracking!


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