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Blog_MusicWell, I’ve been blogging regularly for about a year now and I love it! I don’t know whether my posts are entertaining or enjoyable or even … make sense, but I love it none-the-less. It allows me to write and get things out there that you just can’t journaling in private.

My biggest interest, obsession, whatever you want to call it, is entertainment. I’ve blogged about writing, about reading, about movies, about TV, but I haven’t really touched music. For a good reason. Music is a tough topic for me to tackle because I have eclectic tastes. I know some may say that’s a good thing, but it can really be confusing at times. Matchbox 20 and Frank Sinatra share the same space on my music playlist. Other times the Piano Guys crowd most of my playlist with a splash of Rooney or Lady Gaga. Other times, still, I have the Wicked Musical Soundtrack on repeat or even Phantom of the Opera with some Rebel Solja or O-Shen.

So how do you blog about musical tastes when your tastes have no particular rhyme or reason. I guess if I really look into it, I can find a pattern in my music tastes. Out of all the genres in the music world, I mainly gravitate towards concert music. I love listening to songs without lyrics and then I love listening to songs that usually have lyrics without their lyrics. I mean it. Sometimes, I download a song wishing I could take away the lyrics and just listen to the music. I mean no offense, but I love listening to the way the melody is formed, the different instruments that create a pleasant sound. Geeky, I know, but shrugs, that’s why I like music.

I’m one of those people who can set a song on repeat and listen to it for days. Boring, I know, but again, that’s just me. I’m also one of those people who can just chose a song and shuffle my entire library and be happy to listening to each song without skipping around–Christmas tunes and all–which is why a few months ago I decided to create a Weekly 10 Playlist. It helps me rotate songs for a little variety.

To make a small contribution to music on this blog, because 1) music is a big, big part of the entertainment world (duh!) and 2) I really do enjoy music even though I have no idea what to blog about it, I decide I’ll post my Weekly 10 Playlist.

I don’t usually listen to the radio, so if you’ve got a song that you love and you don’t see it on my playlist, feel free to shout it out.

Happy Listening!

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