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Happy February!

I cannot believe that we’re already eight days into February, can you? I seriously feel that we just cleaned up the table after Thanksgiving dinner!

And of course I’m already behind in my New Years resolution regarding my blog. Ah, resolutions were meant to be broken … just kidding! Kind of. The year isn’t over so I just have to refocus and get back on track.

School has been brutal, though, which is partly the reason I haven’t been blogging as much–not an excuse, of course, merely a reason. I’m moving into stricter professors and more expectations since it’s my second year in school. But it’s been fun! Sociology and British Literature from the 18th century to present has given me an interesting point of view on the world and next semester should be even better–Intro to Popular Culture and Viking History. Take that world!

So, first things first: Happy, Belated, Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!
Year of the Horse

Yes, this is the Year of the Horse in the Chinese New Year and I like to spotlight it because it’s one of my favorite holidays. And I know it took place in January, not February, but I’m making an exception since it is one of my favorite holidays. Our family doesn’t hold a huge celebration or anything, but I love the traditions, even minor ones, that surround it. The colors and folklore around it as well.

When I was younger, some of my aunts would give us “Good Luck” red envelopes and often times there would be a quarter and some candy in it. As we got a little older, two quarters! I know it may not seem like much, but we were happy with it. For those who are familiar with the Chinese traditions may balk at the fact that one quarter is odd, but really, I think our aunts just wanted to pass on something dealing with our heritage so forget the inaccuracy and embrace the effort. My great-grandfather was born in Hawaii and it was a while since my great great grandfather immigrated from Canton so you can’t really blame the blur in traditional accuracy.

Anyway …

February. What I’ve always found fascinating about February is that it is so short! Seriously, 28 days and now and then an extra day? How cool is that?! So I’ve learned that 29 days every four years wasn’t standard until Julius declared it so in around 46 BCE. And that February was taken from the Roman calendar in which February was Februarias and that was taken from the Latin term februum which means purification. There was also a purification ritual back in the day. That’s pretty cool stuff. Found on Wikipedia (See my Wikipedia disclaimer at the end of this blog post).

So, cool stuff. We also had the Super bowl which … yeah, not going there. The commercials were fun, as always (Though my brother and I did discuss that it’s not as funny as it used to be and it seems that some commercials are leaked through YouTube and such so it’s not as surprising any more either).

There is President’s Day, which is also a work holiday for me so “Yay! to Presidents.”

And I read somewhere that it’s also National Freedom Month, which is a great thing to spotlight, even if it’s not completely accurate.

Oh, and of course Valentine’s Day. We’ll get to that when the time comes. And … well …

Feel free to list anything I most likely overlooked in the comments section.

Well, moving forward in this new year; may it bring joy, prosperity, and success–whatever that means to you! Happy February everyone!

Wikipedia Disclaimer: I know Wikipedia isn’t viewed as a reliable source of information, but it is good for general information which is the reason I mention it on my blog. Even good research needs a launch pad, especially when you’re just looking into a topic. So, don’t hate =), just saying.

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