Booklover’s 411: New Series – The Arcana Chronicles

I’ve recently stumbled across The Arcana Series and I have to admit, it looks pretty enticing.

“22 Arcana Cards. 22 Chosen Teens. Let the cards fall where they may.”

With that tagline who could resist? Let me rephrase, what supernatural-loving book geek wouldn’t sneak a peek between these covers? And yes, another Young Adult series. I guess YA is where it’s happenin’.

The series by author Kresley Cole begins with The Poisoned Princess. Our leading lady is Evie Green who has visions. Her visions predicted the apocalypse. The end of the world brought her new power. She finds out she’s one of twenty-two chosen teens who are part of a larger prophesy.
The Arcana Chronicles

I’m interested to see where this story will lead to. The summary alone is intriguing. I haven’t seen tarot cards implemented in this way. The cards seem to be the main story when they’re usually a tool in the story. Not to mention, the series is getting some high remarks from readers on GoodReads.

It’s definitely going on my to-be-read list.

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