Biblio 411: “The Distance Between Us”

Genres: contemporary, love stories

The Distance Between UsAh. This was one of those books that I didn’t mean to read, but I ended up reading.

Seriously. I read the back cover and it sounded interesting so I thumbed through it a bit. Before I knew it, I was 25 pages into the story so . . . yep, borrowed it and took it home.

It’s such a cute and adorable story! It really is. In fact, I was irritated that I enjoyed it so much! It’s a YA book, or Young Adult book, so it’s a light read, but all the same, I thought it was well written and the storyline was good. The protagonist of our story is Cayman Meyers. She helps her mother out in her mother’s shop, selling porcelain dolls. She’s satisfied with her mediocre life until Xander Spence walks through the doors. Little does she know, her world was about to flip upside down.

I’d add this to my collection. I really would. What I admire about Cayman is her ‘dry humor.’ I may not be as witty and sharp-tongued as her, but I get her humor and I get why people wouldn’t ‘get’ her. She’s strong, too, accepting her fate and her future–running the doll shop and not going off to college because she can’t afford it. I get where she’s coming from.

Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed this story. I could relate to Cayman. And it was cute to see how her friendship with Xander progressed into a relationship. I enjoyed watching them fall in love.

Anyway, it’s a teen romance. It’s light, a quick read–well, I read it in one sitting, and fun. And as I mentioned, I probably would add this to my collection or at the very least I would read it again. If it wasn’t a library book, I would have probably highlighted a few of my favorite quotes and passages and tagged certain scenes to go back to. Didn’t I mention I was a literary geek?


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