Biblio 411: “The Book of Life”

Genres: fantasy, supernatural


happy dance Yes! The moment has arrived, every booklover’s dream moment: the title reveal.

The Book of Life will be the final installment of the wonderful book series, The All Souls Trilogy. Ms. Deborah Harkness revealed it herself and I am super excited because of three things:
1) We have a name! Book 3 has a name!
2) With a title that means Book of Life is almost done. Yay!
3) We have a release date! Yay! Okay, not really a date, but a year is just as good. And 2014 is just a few months away (not that I’m wishing for days to go by faster, just making an observation).

So, a title, a release date, a step closer to knowing the fate of humans, daemons, witches, and vampires. A step closer to knowing the fate of Matthew and Diana. A step closer to another magical tale.

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