The 411

Welcome to my rabbit hole!

Truthfully, this blog satisfies the information junkie in me. I’m addicted to useless, but sometimes useful, information I just have to jot down somewhere. I choose here. On the internet. Where nobodies are sometimes somebodies.

There are book reviews, movie reviews, opinions on TV shows, pretty much anything on entertainment. There are posts about blogging. Posts about writing. Posts about writers who love writing. History posts, music posts, anything and everything classified as information. Which is a lot. But I have a curious mind. And sometimes that curiosity needs a place to be curious. Which is here. On the internet. Which is sometimes a bad thing, but sometimes not.

Discussion is welcome, so feel free to post comments or ask questions. I don’t pretend I’m an expert in anything, but I don’t mind expanding on an idea from an original post or hearing about a different perspective.

With that said …

May your stop here find something useful, something fun, or something gasp-worthy to take with you to the water cooler (does anyone say that anymore?) this week!


Updated: 07/01/2016

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