Blogging 2.0: Let’s try this again

I’ve transferred just about everything from one blogging platform to another.

I’ve installed all the plug-ins that I need to get up and running semi-smoothly.

Now, let’s see if it works.

If this does work, then I’m finally going to get back on a regular posting schedule. As much as I liked the break I took from posting daily while I tried to move everything over, I miss it! Between reading up on coding, finals, and doing some 411 homework, I’ve been thinking over my editorial calendar and look for things to post.

Here goes! *crosses fingers*

Blogging 2.0: The move to

I wasn’t going to do it. Nope. No siree.

I was doing good on

But then, something asked “why not?”

You see, a part of me wants to go ahead and possibly make a living out of this, even if it’s miniscule. I mean, paid to write? How awesome is that? Paid to blog? Even awesome-er. And while I’m not sure if that’s the direction I want to move into, it’s easier if it’s done through You can customize a little more, etc.

It’s not only that, though.

A part of me has always, always, loved figuring things out for myself. I’m a curious soul and now that I’ve been blogging for a couple of years, I want to see what it’s like self-hosting. It’s time that the training wheels come off, so to speak, and see what can be done from this type of platform.

You can’t move forward if you never take the first step.

And I’m not saying that all bloggers should take this step. For me, this is something I want to do. If you’re happy where you’re at, great! I’m happy for you. Like I said, I’ve always been a curious soul and I like figuring out how to do certain things. I’ve always been curious about self-hosting and using, so viola!

And since I made this step, I had to export and import things from the other platform so certain posts may not have everything. Some of the images may be missing and hopefully everything retained its format (*crosses fingers*), but if they haven’t, thank you for your patience while I put everything back together.

May this be an interesting and fun journey! And hopefully I moved things over correctly.

Blogging 2.0: Adding Facebook Plug-in

This was a tough one.

I knew there was going to be a learning curve so I’m in it for the long haul.

But wow! I must have added like four to five developer apps on Facebook before I realized I kept adding them! It’s fun, but frustrating. And here’s my test run to see if this post will make it to my Facebook Page. I think I did everything right. I’m not so sure though, you know?

Here goes nothing!

(04/22/15 – Trying this again. Testing to see if it posts)