Watching: Next of Kin

This movie will never get old. This movie popped into my head. Just, pop. I haven’t watched this in a while and figured it’s time for a rewatch. It will never get old. Such a good action flick. A little bit of everything for an action adventure fan. And not a bad way to wind […]

Watching: The Punisher (Netflix)

Frank Castle. There’s a story there. Another show I never expected to add to my television roster. Truthfully, even at the opening credits, I was debating whether I should watch or not. There’s just already so many new shows, on top of my old shows, I didn’t know if I really should take this one […]

Watching: Baby Driver

Drive. Fast. You know, this movie never made my radar until recently. The trailer looked exciting so it sat in my queue. It took me a while to warm up to the idea of watching it. Not quite sure why, just that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to dive in. All I know about it […]

Rewatching: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

“It is a truth universally acknowledged . . .” Watching Pride and Prejudice, again. Actually. It’s weird, but I was reading up on Ancient Rome, prepping for my research paper on private law in Rome, when this movie popped up on a website I was viewing. And that made me think, “huh, haven’t seen this one […]