A New Look and Blog Updates

As you might have noticed, I’ve updated the look to 411 Junkie. Not by choice, mind you. I loved the look I had before, but for whatever reason, my menu bar just stopped working with that layout. No clue why. 

This was the next best thing. Yes, it’s a WordPress theme, one of the Twenty-somethings. I’ve used it before so if it looks familiar that’s why (and I’m going to say that you’ve noticed because that means you visit my blog often enough to notice and pretending that you’ve noticed will make me happy and you know, what? It’s kinda of my blog so . . . yep). 

I am also giving the 411 Toolbox a makeover (scheduled to be done within these next fourteen days–days because it sounds longer than two weeks. Trying to psych me out!). I stumbled on the coolest thing this past weekend when insomnia hit. Now, I’m always looking for ways to improve my blog (just because it’s my belief that you can never not improve, you know? That there is always something new to learn). So, if you’re a blogger or if you’re learning about blogging . . .  actually, if you’re looking for ideas, advice, or just tips and tricks on finding a way to get passive income, you really need to check out Pat Flynn’s website, Smart Passive Income

So I subscribe to his emails and in one of his emails (is SPI Weekend Digest) he mentions ways to improve your blog with his post “10 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Improve Your Online Business or Blog.” This lead to a website grader which lead to another great website! John Saddington’s website john.do. And I liked his Colophon. I’ve thought of doing something similar for a while now and two things stopped me. One, time. And two, I didn’t know how to start other than “About me.” And I love how inclusive he is and so that was my inspiration.

There will be a few more changes (hopefully) by the end of this month. There are things I really want to get done, that it’s about time they get done, and I’m picking this month to get them done. I’ve said I’d get things done before and never did (and hopefully this time will be different, you know? With me being more focused and stuff), but for some reason or other I feel motivated to do so. And I never ignore my instincts so . . . this month. May. Some changes. For the better. Hopefully. Most likely.

And I never ignore my instincts so . . . this month. May. Some changes. For the better. Hopefully. Most likely.


Dear 2015, It’s almost 2016!

December 31, 2015

I can’t believe another year has flown by! 

It’s been a chaotic second half of the year and I had technical difficulties regarding Internet connectivity. How has your year been going.

I didn’t read as many books as I wanted to, ending this year at 48 out of 75 books read. I want to say it’s because I was busy, and I was, but how much of that is excuse and how much is sincerity? But I’m not upset. It was just that kind of year. Some years are up and others are down. We’ll call this a draw. 

I did add a few more TV shows to my queue, ending the year watching Veronica Mars. I believe I’m on season three, but I couldn’t handle not knowing if Logan and Veronica survive so I jumped ahead and watched the movie. 

It’s cheating, I know. But I can’t help it.

I can’t bring myself to finish Suits or Downton Abbey. I’m dragging my feet on Once Upon A Time, Reign, and Vampire Diaries. I’m not sure why. Could it be I’m falling out of love with them? 

Blasphemy, I know. But I’m loving Scorpion and BBC has finally started filming for Sherlock Season 4!

Movies watched was a draw as well.

As I said, a down year.

But 2016 is looking brighter. Here’s hoping anyway. I’m in the middle of revamping my blog so we’ll see how the year goes.

So, best of luck to to you 2015. You’ve been a good friend. 

Thank you for a great year! 

Your friend,

411 Junkie

Random 411: Hello September!

Can you believe it?!

September? Already? Time is flying by, I tell ya. Well, it flies by when you’re not really paying attention–I guess.

I apologize for being MIA this past month or so. As my letter to 2015 said, I’ve been tied up in my mind. But I’m forcing myself to stretch my legs and get back to writing! So, here I am.

With that said, I’ve also been mapping out my graduation plans. I’m still a year and a half away from graduating with my BA in European History, but I wanted to lay down a road map so I can see what needs to be done in order for me to graduate on time or sooner. It was Summer 2018, but if I hustle in 2016, I can move that up to Winter 2017. We’ll have to see.

Until then though …

Fun! Well, hopefully fun. Writing at least. And reading. And watching movies and TV shows. Hopefully. If only to give my mind a rest.

So, with all these things being said, my goals for the last four months in 2015:

  • Post regularly – because I really do miss writing and blogging. If only I can get out of my own way!
  • Continue to learn Russian – I actually need to break this goal down into manageable parts, but for now, I’m putting it here to hopefully keep me accountable.

Dear 2015, It’s September!

September 1st, 2015

Hello 2015!

My goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve written! I’d like to say I’ve been touring Europe or something extravagant, but, alas, just caught up in life. I’ve disappeared into my mind while I reevaluate my life. It’s been tough to get over, but here I am!

Truthfully, there hasn’t been many book releases that I’ve been excited about, nor have there been any movies that I haven’t really been aching to see. So it’s been a slow summer for me. Although I did get a chance to catch myself up on Scorpion. It’s totally cool! I had to jump through hoops though. I can’t watch it on my iPhone nor on Hulu. I had to download the CBS app to my Kindle in order to watch it for free. While I don’t mind, it’s just one more platform for me to add to the entertainment arsenal. I mean, really. I have Netflix for movies, which I watch on any device. And Hulu, which I can watch on any device. If I need to buy a season, I generally buy it on Amazon to watch on my Kindle. And now I have to download another app to watch one show. *shakes my head*. Ah well, welcome to the 21st Century, eh?

And what have you been up to? You look like you’ve been busy as well, with all these Presidential candidate debates and these weather patterns you’re sending out into the Pacific Ocean. Jeepers! And don’t even get me started on the pop culture scene. My goodness.

Well, we’re officially entering the home stretch of 2015. I can’t wait for Autumn.

Let’s make it a good four months!

Your friend,