Reading: Diet Right for Your Personality Type

An interesting approach Let me start by saying I am not dieting. Not really anyway. I’m not a diet-er. I know it sounds bad, it probably is bad, but I’m owning it. A big part of it is I really don’t like to cook. Not that I can’t, just that I prefer not to. But […]

Reading: The Essential Social Media Handbook

There are so many books about social media. Tons of it. How to use it, how not to use it, how to make money from it, how to find jobs. And not only books. There are web postings upon web postings on how to market on social media, through social media as well. An overload […]

Reading: Death and Douglas

Genres: mystery   I’m glad to finally be making ground with this one. I received an advanced copy through Edelweiss and it had my attention from the get-go, but school work took over for a bit. The beauty of being on holiday.  I’m bummed I missed the Halloween atmosphere to read it in, but still excited […]

Biblio 411: Reasons to Read

For those of you who didn’t know by now, I love to read. I can write a full page of reasons I read, but this captures just about all of them and it is plainly put. I particularly love the first paragraph because that is the number one reason I enjoy reading so much–I am […]

Snapshot: 2016 Reading Profile

And so it begins. Another year. It’s the time for reflection and a time for goals and all that jazz. For me? A clean slate of reading goals!  Every book junkie knows this. They can’t wait to start a whole new year of reading. My Pop Sugar’s Reading Challenge wasn’t met. At 50 books meeting […]

NaBloPoMo15: That One Lesson!

You don’t realize how many lessons you’ve learned growing up until you actually sit down to choose what was the most important lesson you learned as a child. I mean, I almost wish it’s like a movie, where the parents actually say “so the important lesson here is … ” you know? But, real life doesn’t […]