Reading Goals: Almost there!

I’m sincerely impressed to be that close to reaching, and by the looks of it exceeding, my goal. I know the GoodReads Challenge isn’t the most creative challenge, I still feel like that’s pretty cool. 

Now, I know I’ve read some novellas and GoodReads counts them but I don’t. Not really anyway. And I know manga barely makes it as a book (at least in my perspective. I’m harder on myself when it comes to reading and set my standard at two manga per book). So I plan to exceed my goal of 65 books by reading at least 72 books to offset.

And I’m getting way to analytical. 

Yay me at being close to the finish line! 

Snapshot: 2016 Reading Profile

And so it begins. Another year. It’s the time for reflection and a time for goals and all that jazz.

For me? A clean slate of reading goals!  Every book junkie knows this. They can’t wait to start a whole new year of reading.

My Pop Sugar’s Reading Challenge wasn’t met. At 50 books meeting 50 different reading requirements, I met 11 requirements. Granted these eleven requirements sometimes had up to four books in that category, I didn’t meet the 50. Which is a shame, but that only means I need to try it again.

My GoodReads challenge wasn’t met either. My goal was 75 and I only read 51. Granted it was 68% so over half, but still, not 100%. 

Usually, one would be upset or disappointed or … whatever it is you use for failure. I am a little disappointed, but I’m not so much so to understand that it was a challenging year for me. And what’s done is done and can’t be undone so we move forward.

With that said … new reading goals! Because, remember, it’s an excited time for book lovers because we have an excuse to set new book goals. And I am excited.

I’ll be participating in the GoodReads challenge once more. I like their simplicity and the fact they track it for you. In 2013 I read 81 out of 80, in 2014 I read 70 out of 60, and this year I fell short at 51 put 75. This year I’ll start at 55 and see where that takes me. 

In addition to the amount of books I’m shooting, I’m rounding that out with a new challenge circling about the Internet and I’m excited to participate in.


It’s not as robust as last year’s PopSugar but considering my commitments this year perhaps it’s what I need to stay in the game and not kill myself keeping up with a challenge.

So, here’s to 2016 and whole new 366 days of reading!

Table Talk: Non-Fiction Reads

Okay, who reads non-fiction? Raise your hand … *raises hand*.

Well, I’m sure I’m not the only one, but it’s not often I discuss non-fiction reads with other people. I mean, I know that non-fiction reads cover a vast variety of subjects. You have self-help, philosophy, cook books, medical books, books about writing, autobiographies, biographies … and the list goes on. So to find that one non-fiction book that you have in common with someone else is a rare find. It’s not like fiction reads where you share common authors or common genres. I’m not sure why that is … *thinks*.

I’m guessing it’s because really, there’s a lot of books out there on a lot of subjects. And I don’t know about you, but for me it takes me a long while to finish a non-fiction book. I’d like to say that I’ve been able to read a non-fiction book as quickly as I read fiction, but I’d be lying. I can’t think of a non-fiction read where I’ve finished it at 3 a.m. In fact, many of my non-fiction reads I’m still in the middle of and it’s been years since I’ve bought it! Some I haven’t even opened the covers. But it’s there. On my book shelf. And I’m not getting rid of it.

Amongst these reads are the following:

Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time
Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen
Lies Across America by James Loewen
The Original Argument by Glenn Beck
Philosophy Now by Nigel Warburton

And a few more … (I just realized that my non-fiction TBR list is longer than I realized)

So, with that said, it is my goal to finish at least three on this list. That is one of my intensions, one of my wishes. Add to that three is my one book (which you can read about here).

Now, with my reading goal of 75 books, this should be to hard to accomplish. Right?