Sneak Peek: Psych, The Movie

Oh my gosh! I cannot believe it. This post popped up in my feed and I can barely contain my excitement! I miss this show so much. So. Much. 

You read that right. Psych fans are getting a movie. A movie! As the post mentions (which you can read here) it picks up three years after the show’s finale and we’ll see the core cast returning to reprise their roles (Shawn and Jules 4eva! Shawn and Gus BFFs!).

We last saw these guys in 2014 with their series ending “The Break-up” which, as far as series-enders go, was perfect. It closed plot lines but left wiggle room for it never truly end, you know? 

And I’m sorry but I can never think about this show’s ending without mentioning the others. 2014 was a hard year for me, saying good-bye to theee of my most favorite shows ever!–Psych (2006-2014), White Collar (2009-2014), and Warehouse 13 (2009-2014). All in the same year. sniffs Gone. And I already said good-bye to two more favorites a few years earlier, Monk (2002-2009) and Eureka (2006-2012).

But at least we Psych fans get this. A moment to “peek” at the gang three years later. For whatever reason, I’m not as scared of this revisit than I was with Gilmore Girls. I don’t know. I’ll tamper down my optimism just a teensy bit then. But still. So awesome!

Can’t wait.

TV Addict: Psych, a fond farewell

Spoiler Alert – You’ve been warned

And seriously, it’s almost been a year since this episode aired.

S8x10 – “The Break-Up”
Aired: March 26, 2014

Truth be told it’s been almost a month since I watched the final episode, but I’ve been putting it off to do my best to delay the inevitable; admitting that this is the last episode of one of my favorite television shows of all time. Sighs.

There are few shows that I actually wanted to watch the series finale and few still of shows that I’ve actually watched from beginning to end. I have to say, I loved how this show ended. I mean, there are shows that get cut off so you never get closure (like Secret Circle because the season finale which turned out to be the series finale really got me wanting to watch Season 2 … and it will never happen!), shows where the ending just leaves you wondering “what in the world did I just watch? (I’m looking at you Seinfeld),” and then there are shows that know their audience and gives them both closure and a good time. “The Break-Up” falls into the last category.

After eight seasons on air, Juliet has moved to San Francisco because Lassiter was forced to hire someone else as his lead detective so Juliet followed Chief Vick who offered her the job before she left. Shawn and Juliet are trying to have a long distance relationship and it’s just not working out so Shawn decides to make the move and follow Jules except he doesn’t know how to tell Gus that he’s closing up shop to follow her. The episode is mostly about Shawn and Gus. Shawn is trying so hard to find a way to tell Gus and in the end he couldn’t so he made a video recording and left the DVD in his office. In fact, Shawn had a hard time with good-byes period so he leaves DVDs for his dad, Lassiter,Woody, and even McNab.

The whole episode is equal parts laughs and equal parts sad. It’s sad to think that Lassiter will be stuck in Santa Barbara while most of the gang is moving to San Francisco. It’s also sad that I won’t be seeing any more new episodes of my favorite on-screen duo. But we got to laugh as Shawn and Gus solves one final case. We cheered when Lassy got the Chief position. We were happy to know that Shawn and Jules were continuing on. And we were so stoked when Gus dropped everything and followed Shawn to San Francisco. That’s right, our duo wasn’t separated in this series finale. In fact, we got a happy ending for everyone and I absolutely love that! Henry finally let go of his failed marriage and is moving on. Lassiter got to be Chief and be a father. Jules got to be head detective under Chief Vick. Shawn and Jules are getting married. And best of all, Shawn and Gus will get to share that pool. It’s the best and the closest to a happily ever after we can ever hope for. Oh, and did you catch that reference to Monk at the end? To me, they were referencing Monk and I loved that! After all, Monk did take place in San Francisco (and I still miss that show, 🙁 )

So, we say good-bye to another great TV series. It ran a good course and came to a great close. I will miss the laughs, all their pop culture references, and looking for that darned pineapple.

Thank you for the good times, Psych! Best of luck in whatever your future holds!

TV Addict 411: Psych, you will be missed …

*deep sighs*

I have been watching Sean and Gus ever since their debut on USA in 2006. I remember it clearly because Monk was my favorite show at the time and USA had brilliant cross-over promos of Psych and Monk. And I remember I couldn’t wait to watch it. And I remember thinking they should do a cross-over episode with Monk almost outting Sean.

But, the sun has set on this wonderful show. I am only now watching their final season through Netflix because, well, only now Netflix has loaded it. I missed watching their “per episode” on Hulu while in season because of other commitments (or was it because they didn’t do a “per episode,” I can’t remember. Regardless, though, I wasn’t able to watch it when it was on air and as usual I was totally bummed not being able to live through it “in the moment” 😛 , but …). And I’m having a blast! Like I always do while watching one of my favorite on-screen duos of all time.

I will miss them.

It has been a fun seven years.

And I may, or may not, post a final series farewell when I finish the season, but for now, I’ll live in the remaining episodes and enjoy it while I can.

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