NaNoWriMo-slash-NaBloPoMo 2016

All right, all right, all right she says in the best Matthew McConaughey impression, in her head.

It’s National Novel Writing Month and for the blogging community National Blog Post Month. A push to kick it up a notch in the writing department.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with these terms, feel free to do a quick Google search because there is tons of information on both events. Or you can just continue to read on. I used to post links to sites like BlogHer for more information, but it seems the links have disappeared on earlier posts on the subject.

National Novel Writing Month is when authors, and writers, push to reach 50,000 words by the end of November. A motivation, a goal, to get your novel done or at the very least make a sizable dent.

Piggy-backing on this writing event, is National Blog Post Month where bloggers post one post a day every day for the month of November.

It’s been three years since I discovered this event and the one time I successfully completed 30 days of blog posting was last year. This year, I hope to keep up the momentum. And as it happens every year, when you think you’re ready for it, you have a game plan, you realize you don’t. This year is no different for me. You’d think I would be better prepared for it. Regrettably, this is not the case.

The rough outline I have scheduled for the month is to post the usual stuff (I know, I know. It’s sorely lacking, but I’m trying. I promise!) and more mindful of what I post. I want to say I want to up the ante on quality as well, but I’m not so sure I’ll succeed at that one. So, one step at a time. One step at a time.

Let us see where Words take us this month. I’m interested to see how this plays out this month.



Life 411: Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving Day is slowly coming to a close. We’re about ten o’clock at night in Hawaii and before the night comes to a close, I wanted take this moment to reflect upon the day, the month, the year, and count the blessings throughout the year.

First things first, so many things have happened, not all of it good, and I’m not talking about my personal life, but the world in general. There’s a lot of bad out there, especially with the global events that happened in the past month.

But there’s also a lot of good. A quick search on the internet and I couldn’t find one list of good things, except for fashion and award shows. It’s sad that the bad out weighs highlights in the news and things. I get it. It’s their job. And drama, sadness, and conflict get more ratings and reviews and at some level society needs to know about some of the stuff. I just wish that sometimes we can get a little more good news than bad and I know that there’s that moment in the news when they report on the “feel good” stuff, but it’s not enough to balance some of the violence on TV.

Anyway, there is a lot of good still. A few days ago, on a flash back post, I saw something I posted a year ago about someone getting up from the chair in a crowded Starbucks and offered it to me. I blogged about it here. Then there was that time someone let me go ahead of them because I had only one item, even though they were waiting longer than I was. And then another time when someone thanked me for doing my job simply because they appreciate having the change to go to the library and that we’re their to keep it open.

So, maybe it’s not something that can be put on TV, random acts of kindness, because it makes these moments more powerful somehow.

And on this day, I can reflect upon all those random acts of kindness, these small moments that add up, and be thankful to have them. For those who has had a particularly hard and rough year, it’s okay to feel to not feel thankful, but don’t dwell there too long. Take this moment to be mad. Be sad. And then get back to being happy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, and safe, Thanksgiving!

Top 5: Rain

It’s been raining all day today.mthe first in the season that it’s rained all day. And it wasn’t heavy rain, more of a constant drizzle. I had to use an umbrella to walk to my lunch spot and my shoes got soaked. I love it!

I love rain. I always get excited when it comes. People think I’m weird because I live in a state where people travel to get sand and sun, but not me.

Top Five reasons to love rain:

  1. You get to use an umbrella! – Seriously though, when do you get the chance to use an umbrella? When it rains, you get to break out that umbrella you’ve been dying to use since you got it on sale at the start of summer.
  2. You get to use your rain boots! – These pair of shoes just sits in the closet for most of the year, but when it rains? There where they need to be. They won’t start a fashion trend, like, ever, but they’re so much fun to wear. And …
  3. You get to jump in puddles! – And you don’t have to be obvious about because you really don’t want to act like you’re five but with rain, you can do it quietly and smile at your inner child.
  4. You get cold! – I don’t like to be hot. Especially in Hawaii because the humidity just isn’t fun. You not only sweat, but you get sticky. And … well, I don’t like being hot. With rain? You get cold. You can get all cozy by wrapping yourself up in a nice sweater or under those brand new quilts. I love being cold. It’s harder to cool yourself off when you’re hot versus making yourself warm.
  5. And my last reason to love rain? It’s so soothing. There’s something calming about rain. The sound rain makes is so rhythmic that it’s ambient noise to put you to sleep. The idea of Mother Nature making the air clean is always a refreshing, and welcoming thought.

Blogging 2.0: A Look Back

So, being that this is NaBloPoMo and all, and being that I’m back to writing, and being that I’ve posted daily, it’s hard not to think about what’s been done since I started blogging. Thinking about how I started, I decided to share how I started blogging.

I think it was back in 2009 when I said, “Hey, I like writing. Maybe I should blog.” Of course, as with most bloggers and writers go, it’s probably not as simple as that–or maybe it is and if it was that way for you, awesome. For me it was sort of that way, but there’s a good chance I mentioned this before. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and write for public viewing. I mean, everyone was doing it write, I mean right? So, one more blog won’t hurt, right?

And even if no one read what I wrote, I was blogging main for me. To prove to myself that even though I’m posting to the internet, things will be ok. My biggest fear in posting online was that I’d get some pretty nasty feedback. That’s what stopped me from becoming a writer as a career. I mean, what if someone hated what I wrote and wasn’t afraid to let me know it? Could I handle it? Would I keep writing after that?

So, I jumped of the cliff (metaphorically speaking of course, in case that needed to be defined) and launched my first blog as In My Opinion in June ’09. It sucked. Hard. I did get some views, but it was mainly postings of articles I’d read and I’d offer my thoughts and comments on it. I thought I was pretty clever, giving “my opinion.” It was a bold step since I’m one to hide from conflict and the articles I’d repost were on pretty much anything. And nothing earth shattering happened. No one completely hated what I wrote so I didn’t get hate mail, or laughed off the internet. In fact, I didn’t get anything at all. And I realized, even though I like reading all kinds of things, maybe reposting articles on computers, or cybersecurity, or government ideas weren’t as appealing to, say, anyone else. Of course, I didn’t know of SEOs or anything like that so it was just, “here I am world” and then sit back and see what happens.

Needless to say that fizzled out in about four months. Running parallel to that blog, I decided to start one that talked about my life. I called that … well, I forget. As you can tell, that one didn’t work either. And after that I started to lose a little steam. It’s one thing to want to write and a whole other thing to actually write something that people read and if the point of me writing to get over my fear of public writing then people reading blog was an important part of accomplishing that goal.

The year 2012 was a turning point of sorts. I decided to get serious. The fall of that year I decided to go back to school and my writing class gave me a little boost. So on September 24, 2012, I jumped off that same cliff and 411 Junkie was born and in the Spring of 2013, I really started to get serious. I put together a game plan on what I wanted to write about and things I wanted to post.

Three years later, I’m still writing because I renewed my love of writing. I have 168 followers, although that includes Twitter followers, which is a whole lot more than when I started in 2009. I’ve had about 800 views and 15 comments and none of them hate mail.

It’s taken a few attempts, but for anyone who is just starting out or who’s thinking about it, the best advice I can give is to just do it. Just write. Write and post. Write and post about things you really love, or don’t. But the key thing is to get started. There is a gap between my second attempt at blogging and 411 Junkie. It wasn’t because I was off doing profound things. I spent most of the time thinking what I wanted to blog and trying to plan what I wanted to blog about. Looking back, it hindered me. One day, it dawned on me. Just do it!

The key thing to accomplishing your goals is to get started, take action. Put one foot in front of another (again, metaphorically speaking in this case). You never know what’s going to happen if you just stand still. So, jump off that cliff and take that leap of faith. I’m happy with my results. I got over my fear of public writing. While the fear of having hateful feedback will always be in the corner of my mind, I see now it’s a three on my “fear scale.” I’ll recover quickly because people have commented on my posts. They’ve liked my posts. They’ve reshared my posts. I’ve met fellow bloggers and made friends through this blog. So, while there is a chance of negative feedback, there’s an even greater chance of connecting with others and that’s what matters.

So this is my where I land on my feet, look back at the cliff, and say “Let’s do that again!”

Hello November 2015!

I don’t believe it! It’s November. Already. My absolutely favorite month of the calendar year!

Can you believe it?

Seriously, where did the year go?


Well, the frequency of my posts should be a huge hint with how busy things have been. Battling allergies, sickness, taking on a new job position, moving to a new job location, and taking on one more class per semester is nothing but busy.

I’m not complaining, though. When I really think about it, it’s a good kind of busy. I do wish I can figure out a way to add writing to that growing to-do list, but I still haven’t found the right rhythm and I’ve tried several different things!

But, at least I’m writing now and then. Now and then is better than never, I guess. Still. I hope with NaBloPoMo happening this month, I hope I can get back in the habit.

And while this head cold knocked me out last night, causing me to miss sending out my Blessed Samhain wishes, I am able to pass on my All Saints Day Blessings.

Here’s to November! May it hold pleasant surprises and a slew of good memories.

Random 411: Thanksgiving 2014

As my Thanksgiving day comes to close, I’m taking advantage of the night to reflect upon the holiday.

Thanksgiving has always confused me. For as long as I can remember really. I mean, why do we need to have a whole day dedicated to being thankful when we really should be thankful everyday? It didn’t make sense to me as a child and even though I’m older and understand it a while lot better, the thought still creeps into my head every now and then.

Before you pass judgement on me, I’m thankful for everything I have in my life (truly and sincerely grateful), I understand that it traces back to Plymouth and the pilgrims and such (more or less), and I understand that it can commemorate different things like harvest and autumn and such. I really do.

And even though I think we should be grateful all the time, I amgrateful that the day exists if only to remind people to be grateful. The holiday has brought me some really awesome memories. Growing up we always headed to the other side of the island to spend the entire day with family. I got to know my cousins, we’d play silly games, and just had a good time.

This year those same cousins and I hung out and watched their kids play and have fun. We talked about how crazy Black Friday is, but how much fun it can be (for those who love to shop and that doesn’t include me). We talked about how big the kid of this generation are getting, the passing of time.

I am grateful for my health, my well being. I am grateful for friends and family. I am grateful for the roof over my head and the food in my belly. I am grateful for life.

Hope everyone had an AWESOME thanksgiving!