NaBloPoMo15: Wrap Up!

What a month!

Can you believe in 30 minutes it’s December 1st? That is, for folks in Hawaii Standard Time. I realize that half of the world is already into December 1st. The point is, can you believe it’s already December?

Where did the year go?

And just 30 days ago, National Novel Writer’s Month started.

Stats! (59)

Total words written (up until that “59” marker after stats): 14,878
Total Daily Posts: 29
Average words per day: 496
Longest post written: November 6 at 1,378 words (NaBloPoMo15: That Biggest Fear!)
Most words written in a day: November 6 at 1,378 words

Did I accomplish my goal?
Even though I didn’t really set goals except for posting daily, I do feel I accomplished what I set out to do. I wrote everyday and I posted 29 out of 30 days (and only due to operator error which was forgetting to click “Publish” before closing my computer).

Any takeaways?
Loads! This is my second year participating in this event and I love the chance to work and focus on writing. And now that I’ve met my goal of posting daily, it’s time to work on content. How to improve my writing.

And that’s not just for blogging but writing in general.

I also appreciate looking back at what I wrote and deciding whether I could have done something different. I haven’t gone through that process yet, but as the year comes to a close, I know that I’m going to be analyzing what went on this year.

Overall, I enjoyed it. I love having an excuse to write everyday, to think about life everyday, and to think about how I want to spend that day so I can write about it.

So, fellow writers and participants in this annual event, how did you do? I hope you were able to accomplish your goals this month and had fun doing so.

Until next year!

NaBloPoMo15: That Project Hurdle!

I am a planner … of sorts. I can come up with ideas and sort of carve out a plan of action, but I’m not one to follow through. It was a hard reality to accept because, you know, no one likes to admit their faults and/or weaknesses but I’ve come to accept this about me. And it’s not that I can’t finish a project, just that it takes me longer than most people to actually get to the finish line.

With that said, the hardest part of a big project for me is finding time to work on it. As I said, I like to plan and think things through. I don’t always like to actually work on it. For instance, I have about five projects that I’ve started and haven’t completed yet due to a variety of excuses.

For one, I’m in the middle of cross-stitching a needle pouch for my cross-stitching needles. This has been on-going for about six months. Another one is that I’m in the middle of organizing a card/letter binder for all the special occasions I want to write a card or a letter for. Oh, and I’m in the middle of a Get It Together project in which I gather all important information that my estate executor will need in the event of an accident and/or my death. Yep, I have a couple of more, but I think you get the general idea.

I’ve made a project plan, bought most–if not all–the tools, and I have them in their respective “project bags” now I just have to finish it.

They’re so much fun to plan and think through. Not so much fun when I actually have to work on it.

So, in terms of big projects, my biggest hurdle is finding, or making, the time to work on them.