Wise Words: Doing different

If you want something you never had …

… you have to something you’ve never done.

Nothing like a good quote to sum things up.
This quote sticks with me for because of the point it makes. Often times, the unknown scares us. I know it sometimes scares me (except my curiosity usually trumps being scared, but not always). Not being in control. Not knowing what comes after. It’s intimidating. But this quote makes a good point. How can you achieve something you’ve never done by doing the same things?

The saying I use the most is attributed to Einstein but I haven’t found anyone in complete agreement with this attribution. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (and I do want to point out this post by PsychologyToday.com that argues the use of insanity and it’s a really good point). If you don’t do something different, you’ll get the same things.

Doing different isn’t always comfortable (in fact, it almost never is), but if you want things to be different, want things that are different, guess what? You are going to have to do something different.

So, acknowledge your fear of the unknown. You can’t not feel fear. But acknowledge it, embrace it, and then jump!

Wise Words: Enjoy the ride

  Personally, I love roller coasters! And since life happens regardless of whether we want it to or not, I say hang tight and carpé diem.

Wise Words: Write your own story

Blog_WiseWords_20140402Yes, write your own story.

It’s something I have to remind myself to do, constantly. Sometimes, I don’t even realize I’m allowing someone to control the situation until I’m in the middle of it. And that’s okay. It happens. I think the first part of getting over it, is accepting it does happen. As long as you remember, you write your story. You are the author of your life; how do you want that life to be?

It’s not always easy to take back that pen, but the choice is there.