End of Binge Watch: Hart of Dixie

Over a year ago, July 2016 to be exact, I found myself wide awake with nothing to do (read all about it here). Finding myself seven episodes deep during my first sitting, I decided I liked this show. Loved this show. 

With in seven days, I made it to Season 2 Episode 14 and a month later I would find the time to watch S2 E15. And then I stopped. Abruptly. As in, “there’s no way I can continue in this emotional state now” kind of stop. Because . . . Zade! Heart. Break. Seriously. And it would take me over a year later to finish this wonderful series.  

And it would take me over a year later to finish this wonderful series.  

Childish? Maybe. Dramatic? Possibly. Emotional? As emotional as an INTP can get. Which is very. Except we wear it on the inside.

Now, I like spoilers. So I did look up how things ended immediately after S2 E15 “The Gambler.” I just had to! I needed to know. Even when I did, I still couldn’t watch. 

Now I am happy to report I have completed this wonderful series and I am glad/sad that I did. sniffs Such a great show. I’m sad they only took it to season four, but I’m glad they were able to close out the show with . . . well, closure. 

So, my game plan is to be reviewing the four seasons they were in production this month because this show deserves it. 

Binge Watching: Hart of Dixie

So, I didn’t mean to start this series. But I found myself waking up, wide awake at midnight. My mind couldn’t focus enough to read and I’m caught up on the shows I wanted to be caught up and didn’t feel like finishing up the couple of shows I wanted to, so … here I am, 7 episodes into Season 1 and yep. 

#Hooked #BingeWatch #Zade!

Yep. I’m not one for shipping wars. I’m really not, but there are just some couples that just drill their way into your heart and you can’t help rooting for them, you know? Zoe and Wade is one of them. For me anyway. 

So, adding this to my list of new shows and we’ll see how invested I get.