Table Talk: A Beauty, A Year, and A Day Zero

Okay, there are a few things that are happening that are kind of a big deal for someone who is all kinds of fangirl.

First thing first. Let’s talk movies. A few days ago (or was it just yesterday?) the teaser trailer for Beauty and the Beast live action was released. And I know you probably all have seen it–what, with the advent of the internet and everything–but I’m going to add it here. Because I want to. Because it’s such a tease. Because I can.

And seriously? How can that not get you excited? I know it’s almost nothing. I mean, you see a door open, you hear voices, and then it’s pretty much over, but then you realize you’re pumped about it because it’s almost here and you’re trying not to get too excited because you have just under a year to wait but you’re excited anyway! << Yeah, all that. I’m so curious how this will play out. Will it stick pretty close to the animated story line? If it ventures a bit, how far will it venture? Will I like it? How can I not like it? << Yeah, that too.

We have Bill Condon as director. I liked The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 so that’s a good sign. And Evan Spiliotoupolis and Stephen Chobsky has also done great work, also a good sign. And we have a pretty darned good cast of characters as well so . . . all signs point to a really good movie. Fingers cross that it will live up to the hype, the expectation, the everything! Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney animation (despite the fact my twelve-year-old self couldn’t quite wrap my head around the timeline between when the Prince became a Beast and to the arrival of Belle. Seriously, I just coughed it up to magic and let it be) so I’m pretty excited about it.

Then there’s this video that pops on my Facebook feed with Ellen interviewing Lorelai (Lauren Graham) where she talks about how they’re almost done filming the last four 90-minute episodes of Gilmore Girls. And she talks about her book about the Gilmore Girls! You can watch that here. As excited as I am to hear that the release for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is near. I am also a bit sad because then it’s over. I mean, really over. I know we Gilmore Girls fans didn’t quite get closure at the end of Season 7 and we really wanted it, but now it’s so much near! You know, the … That’s All Folks! Will Rory and Logan end up together (because I really hope she does. Seriously, I was a hard-core Jess fan until I met Logan. You can read all about that here and here, that is if you totally dig my blog and want to visit Stars Hallow with me).

And then, a few days ago I stumble across this piece of news:

A novella to tie us over for the Arcana Chronicles, Book 4! And Book 4 should be released this fall! I am in love with this series. I’m irked a bit that this is a series and can’t be wrapped up in one book, without cliffhangers, but que sera sera. And while it is a series–because, you know, I can’t change that and I’m okay with that (because props to you Ms. Cole, you are doing an excellent job!)–I’m in for the ride. So, I am so stoked. Super stoked.

Talk about all kinds of fangirling! I did my fair share of squeeing, let me tell you. It’s big news. Big news! And it’s going to be a long wait to the fall for two out of three on this list. I can live with that until Beauty and the Beast is released.

Of course, there are many more fangirl moments spanning books, television, and  movies, but these three hit in a the course of eight days so … squee!

It’s going to be quite the year.


TV Addict: Gilmore Girls, the end

Another Gilmore Girls post? Are you serious?

Yes. Yes, I am. I’m serious because it has come to an end. I finally watched the entire series from beginning to end. I watched the final episode a week or so ago and I’ve been letting myself process it. Process everything Season 7 offered us, process the fact that there are no more new episodes, and to process that another great show ran its course.

S7x22 “Bon Voyage” aired March 15, 2007 and at the time, the show wasn’t sure whether they would come back for another season. They didn’t. And the world has been sad ever since.

Okay, so I’m being a little theatrical. At the very least the Gilmore Girl fandom has been sad ever since.

Season 7 was a really good season. And though it ended with a bit of a cliffhanger, it also didn’t. Does that make sense?

It ends just as Rory graduated from Yale and was trying to figure out what to do with the rest of her life. Does she marry Logan … eventually? How does she handle her new job with the online magazine? She met one of her idols and was given her number. Does that ever come into play?

It ends just as Lorelai and Luke started to find their way back to each other. How was that song huh? Wow. Intense. Does Luke move in? Do they finally elope?

I’ve watched this mother-daughter team grow and develop and I loved every minute of it. The way it ended just seems right, you know? I mean, Gilmore Girls has always had this fast-paced, open-ended kind of feel and that’s how it ended.

A month or so ago I finally met Logan and was glad I did. I like him. And still do. He’s swayed me from Team Jess to Team Logan. I didn’t think it could be done, but it did. And even though Rory turned down Logan’s marriage proposal, I entertain the fact that they eventually find their way back to each other because they were so good together. I don’t think Logan would give up that easily nor could Rory completely turn away from him.

A month or so ago I mentioned how I wanted to see Christopher and Lorelai give it a honest-to-goodness try. I did. And I love them more for it. Even if it ended semi-badly, I’m glad they tried it. After all they been through it was nice to see them finally give things a shot, even though I didn’t quite think they should have gotten married. And I was sad how they developed at the expense of Lorelai and Luke, but I’m glad Lorelai and Luke eventually got past it and started to find their way back to each other.

“Bon Voyage” also had the whole town of Stars Hollow throwing a huge farewell party for Rory which was such a tear jerker for me, even though I didn’t actually produce tears. It was a heartfelt moment that I enjoyed watching unfold. The fact that the whole town wanted to be at Rory’s graduation was also funny and heart warming. But no one throws a good block party like Stars Hollow. Lane and Zach’s wedding? So. Awesome.

The final episode was just awesome, not in the sense that it tied up loose ends, but in the sense that it captured the spirit of Gilmore Girls, done in Gilmore Girls fashion–fun, quick-witted, and heartwarming.

And so I say good-bye to another great show. I’ll revisit it often, but I have officially watched it for the first time.

And I know it’s been eight years since the show’s end, but … Thank you, Amy Sherman-Palladino, for sharing Stars Hollow with us. Thank you, the entire cast and crew, for the memories, the good times, and the amazing dialogue (the wit behind it still amazes me).

You are one of the greats!

TV Addict: Gilmore Girls, Season 5

So, I had a whole post in mind for today. I had a general outline of what I wanted to talk about.

And then life happened.

And then plans changed.

Do I really need a spoiler alert? The show’s been off air for over five years. It can’t still be a spoiler, can it?

Gilmore Girls: Season 5

Recap: In this season we see the return of Dean, the end of Dean, the entrance of Logan. We cheer on Lorelai and Luke, get mad at Lorelai and Luke, get mad at Christopher and Emily (but can’t help but wonder if Christopher can’t just get his act together), and then go back to cheering on Lorelai and Luke. We see the Emily and Richard separation, the reunion, the second honeymoon. And we see the Lorelai and Lorelai break-up … oh, and Norman Mailer!

As I mentioned earlier, I had a plan. And then life happened. New plan.

Gilmore Girls.

I just had to talk this season through because I’ve never met Logan until now. Well, that’s not true. I saw a little of him a few years ago. A few minutes of one episode, but that’s it. I didn’t get to know him. And you know what, I like him. As of Season 5, I like him. I know he’s not always the “good” guy, but then again I think Rory needs a little bit of this. I think she it’s good for a little bad to happen to her because that’s life. You know? She’s always been the perfect student, the perfect daughter, the perfect … okay, not perfect, but you know what I mean. She needs to see a little bit of this side, I think. And Logan seems to really care about her, as of Season 5. And I was a huge Jesse fan, still am in fact, but … I don’t know. After this season I’m on the fence about that one. I mean, with Dean he did pretty much whatever Rory wanted. There wasn’t really a push and pull. There wasn’t really a balance. With Jesse, he pushed her a little. Forced her to look at a little bigger picture, but he wasn’t confident in himself. He was too broody for her. And if he can’t figure out himself, how can he be there for Rory? With Logan … it’s almost as if he’s a combination of Dean and Jesse, but he’s himself. You know? Does that make sense? He’s a bit more confident that Jesse and not an eager-to-please like Dean. Yeah, I think he’s good for Rory, in a way. As of Season 5.


And then there’s Luke and Lorelai. I mean, Luke and Lorelai! Tell me you weren’t rooting for them since the Pilot. And we get to see them happy! But seriously, I was a bit irritated with the way Christopher made his move, because if I’m being honest, I’m silently cheering for Lorelai and Christopher too. Look, I know he has the worse timing ever, but I really believe he loves Lorelai and vice versa. Always will. Now, I don’t really know if they’re good together, but I’d like to see them have their moment, you know? (and since I’m a big fan of spoilers, I did read through the episode guides of Season 6 and 7, so I’ know they do) But if Luke and Lorelai stay together, I’m good with that too.

And then there’s Emily and Richard.

You know, I can’t believe I’m still in love with this show this far in. Okay, that’s not true, because I still can’t believe I’m in love with Supernatural 10 seasons in. When a show is good, it’s good, you know? But I’m surprised that … I don’t know. Maybe I’m just glad I’m still interested in this show because it would suck if I wasn’t. It’s the dialogue. The wit. Okay, wait. I was on Emily and Richard.

So, then there’s Emily and Richard.

I love them. I really do. They’re good for each other, together. They just work. And I’m glad they mended fences.

Gosh, everything about this season was … wow. I love that Lane and Zach got together (though I do miss David. Too bad about California, and school, and all that jazz). I love that she’s rocking out with her band, til this day. I love that Sookie and Jackson color the show. And Paris! I’m so glad they kept Paris. She’s good for Rory as well. I hope they remain friends-ish.

The writers know just when to station these side stories to keep things interesting. It’s so much fun to watch the show work it’s magic. I mean, they shift gears before you get bored of the story, you know? Some shows tend to do that just a tad too late. You’re already starting to feel boredom set in. With Gilmore Girls, that doesn’t happen. Not that I can think of anyway. I mean, I can’t really think of a point in the entire five seasons when I thought “Oh, gosh, why are we still on this? Move it along.” It’s an steady jog and I love it.

So, I had a plan. And then life happened.

TV Addict: A few words on the Gilmore Girls

With an unexpected week off from school, I was debating what I wanted to occupy my free time with. Do I read? Catch up on TV? Check out a few movies? I had a wide spread of options and I was indecisive, so … I did them all!

But, I’m going to focus on one of my Top 5 favorite TV shows of all time. The Gilmore Girls.

On air from 2000 to 2007, premiering in my upperclassmen years of high school, I was only able to catch episodes between soccer practice and waitressing at my family’s restaurant before life snatched me up and I wasn’t able to catch any.

With Netflix finally streaming it, I’m happy to catch up. And you know what? I miss this kind of TV drama/comedy/or whatever category this show would fall into (because I think it has a good blend of everything except mystery and crime 😉 ). What I love the most about Gilmore Girls is their dialogue. I would love to meet some of the writers of the show just to tell them thank you. Thank you for the witty conversations and those zinger of one-liners.

I’m into Season 4, episode 21, so I haven’t really met Logan yet and I’m just to the part where Lorelai and Luke are finally seeing each other that way. I know about these story arcs, but I’m finally getting to see them unfold and love it.

So, thank you Netflix, for streaming this series and allowing me to finally catch up!