Movie 411: Scents and Sensibility

Genres: love stories Director: Brian Brough Screenplay: Jennifer Jan and Brittany Wiscombe Story by Jane Austin Rated: PG Released: May 2011 The Hook: I needed to occupy my mind, I love Jane Austin, so I said “what the hey.” What can I say? It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I needed my mind to take a break for a little […]

Biblio 411: Goodnight Tweetheart

Genres: love stories Author: Teresa Medeiros Released: December 2010 Published by: Gallery Books Read: December 2012 Reread: May 2016 The Hook: Twitter I can’t remember how I crossed paths with this book. All I know is I owned it when I read it. It may have been a Border’s close-out find. Even though I can’t remember how it made its […]

Biblio 411: The Boy Next Door

Genres: love stories #SpoilerAlert – Proceed at your own risk Author: Meg Cabot Released: October 2005 Published by: Avon Read: December 13, 2015 The Hook: It was a recommend on the epistolary novel list >> here Meg Cabot has been a favorite of mine since I read the Princess Diaries a couple of years ago. Every book […]

Movie 411: The Good Guy

Genres: love stories Director: Julio DePietro Screenplay: Julio DePeitro Rated: R Released: February 19, 2010 The Hook: Alexis Bledel It was a Saturday afternoon. I was caught up with homework, had sometime to myself, and had no idea what I wanted to watch. Surfing through Netflix, I came across this movie and it piqued my […]

Biblio 411: In Real Life

Genres: love stories, young adult Author: Jennifer Love Published: March 1st, 2016 Publisher: St. Martin’s Press Read: April 24, 2016 The Hook: The book jacket reeled me in. So, the book jacket read: “Imagine the look on his face when you show at his show. He’s going to flip.” I feel wrongness down to my gut when I think about […]