Movie 411 Review: Geostorm

Movie 411 Review: Geostorm

Geostorm by Dean Devlin (Director) on October 20, 2017 Genres: action, drama The 411 Junkie Rundown Imagine a world in which top notch scientist, world-wide control the weather. What started off as a service to all mankind on Earth becomes a weapon and it’s up to the Lawson brothers–one a scientist, the other a government […]

Watching: BBC’s Sherlock S4x1

Genres: drama, mystery I guess one of the things I love about staycations is the free time you have to catch up on all things you want to do but can’t because work. Aside from my indulgence in a Stranger Things 2 binge, BBC’s Sherlock is the next on my list. Every season of this […]

TV 411: Royal Pains, Season 6, The Beginning

Genres: comedy, drama You know how you’re waiting for Netflix to load the next season so you can binge watch it before the next season. And you want to binge watch, but you also don’t because once you finish the season you know you’ll have to wait a couple of months till the next season […]

TV 411: Gilmore Girls, the end

Genres: contemporary, drama Another Gilmore Girls post? Are you serious? Yes. Yes, I am. I’m serious because it has come to an end. I finally watched the entire series from beginning to end. I watched the final episode a week or so ago and I’ve been letting myself process it. Process everything Season 7 offered […]

TV 411: Gilmore Girls, Season 5

Genres: contemporary, drama So, I had a whole post in mind for today. I had a general outline of what I wanted to talk about. And then life happened. And then plans changed. Do I really need a spoiler alert? The show’s been off air for over five years. It can’t still be a spoiler, can […]

TV 411: A few words on the Gilmore Girls

Genres: contemporary, drama With an unexpected week off from school, I was debating what I wanted to occupy my free time with. Do I read? Catch up on TV? Check out a few movies? I had a wide spread of options and I was indecisive, so … I did them all! But, I’m going to focus […]