Movie 411: The Librarian, Quest of the Spear

Directed by: Peter Winther Screenplay: David Titcher Rated: Not Rated (TV Movie) Released: December 5, 2014 I remember watching this once, when it debuted on television in 2004. I remember enjoying the story line, thinking it was pretty awesome for it to showcase a librarian as a keeper of magical artifacts and such because, well, I love the library. […]

Random 411: Pre-Email Era

Growing up, computers weren’t around. And I’m probably dating myself, but it doesn’t bother me. Besides, I’m proud to have lived before the computers took over 😉 . I remember writing letters. I remember writing letters to family, to friends I met in summer programs, to pen pals. My first pen pal was my grandmother. […]

Random 411: Lazy days

With 20 minutes to publish this post to continue my track record, I struggled with what to write about. I did nothing but watch some TV and read. It’s been a few weeks since I had a chance to relax my mind like that. And then when I decided what I wanted to write about, […]

Random 411: Doctor’s visits, medical things, and stuff

Well, if you’ve read the post I wrote last night, you’ll see it was done one-handed (with a bunch of mistakes–more than usual I might add) because of a cut on my wrist. It’s still there. It still hurts. But not as much as it did last night. My goodness that was tough one! I […]

TV Addict: Marco Polo, S1 Pilot

Wow! Netflix nailed it. Well, maybe not “nailed” it, but I thought the pilot was awesome! Now, I know I’m a history buff, but I haven’t studied Marco Polo’s history so if it has inaccuracies I wouldn’t know. And really, it wouldn’t matter to me in the sense that this is fiction based on a historical […]

Biblio Hangover: Wait … still stuck!

Still? You read Dead of Winter over a week ago! I know! I’m sorry! But I’m still hung up on it. Just a little. I’m slowly getting over it, I think. Now, I haven’t read any new books, considering, but I’m excited to Karen Marie Moning’s new book coming out in a few days! (Add […]

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