Biblio 411: An Early Wake (County Cork, #3)

Genres: mystery Author: Sheila Connolly Release Date: February 3rd, 2015 Publisher: Berkely Read: February 5th, 2015 The Hook: Irish music, Maura + Sean possibilities, wondering what the Sullivan’s crew and the entire Cork County has been up to, Ireland, and mystery! I just finished it (as of Feb 5th) and I’m bummed, as always, that I have to wait a […]

TV 411: Gilmore Girls, Season 5

Genres: contemporary, drama So, I had a whole post in mind for today. I had a general outline of what I wanted to talk about. And then life happened. And then plans changed. Do I really need a spoiler alert? The show’s been off air for over five years. It can’t still be a spoiler, can […]

Table Talk 411: Reviewing reviews and stuff

I enjoy a good review. Before deciding to add more movie and book reviews to the cloud, I would do an Internet search on the movie or book I was interested in and browse the reviews. GoodReads was my go-to for books and IMDb was my go-to for movies. I like reviews because they seem […]

Random 411: Nnnnnoooo!

I missed a day! My daily posting streak has been foiled because I thought I hit “publish” and I did, except it was saved as a draft instead of a live publish. I’m so sad. Although, in my defense, my allergies were in full force last night. Allergies suck! So, hopefully with me posting two […]

Educational Pursuits: It’s not all about History

So, a while back I talked about going back to school and then why I’m a history major, but that’s not the whole story. Nope. It started with a career search. And ended with a decision to register in school to go for a Bachelor degree in History. I was working as an Admin Assistant […]

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