Movie 411: Blackhat

Directed by: Michael Mann (Miami Vice 2006) Screenplay by: Morgan David Fohel (assistant editor to Click, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry) Rated: R Released: January 16, 2015 The Hook: Hacker movie Hacker movie? Really, that was your draw? Absolutely! No lie. I’m a sucker for cybercrime busting. So the fact that you’re a […]

Random 411: Chinese immigration

Sundays are the days I usually talk family with my grandmother. She shares an interest in family history with me and since we’ve started converting paper records to electronic ones, it’s been fun trying to link my huge family together in my brain. Today I worked on a basic matriarchal timeline from me back to […]

Random 411: Where has the day gone?

What a day! Did I just miss another daily post?  Truthfully, I lost track of time. My family has been wanting to watch Dawn of the Planet of the Apes all week and I’ve been putting it off to catch up on my reading assignments for school. So, tonight I finally said ok. It’s been a […]

Random 411: Bees, they’re important you know

I’m not a hard core environmentalist. And before you get all bent out of shape, I love the world we live in and I’m a sucker for balance, so I think that everything should live in balance. Yin and Yang, you know? So while I’m not out there fighting for the trees or anything like […]

TV Addict: When does a TV show stop being interesting?

So, I watch TV. I know that’s me being obvious, but there are some people out there who don’t. And if you think about it, TV has changed a lot in just a short period of time which leaves me wondering whether we’re actually watching TV or are we just watching mini-movie series. But that’s not […]

Random 411: An off day …

So, as you probably didn’t noticed, I missed a post yesterday. It was a typical Tuesday: I wake up, go to work, come home, study, blog, sleep, then repeat. It’s been a bit challenging without a car, which is a story saved for another post, but aside from that nothing out of the ordinary. Except, […]

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