What to post, what to post: June ramblings

I have read 32 books out of 60 for my GoodReads goal. Five books ahead of schedule. I’ve watched several movies that I can review, including Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. So why am I having such a hard time posting?

I guess my head is stuffed to the gills (I chuckled just now. I mean, chuckled? That doesn’t sound right. Scoffed? Snickered? Yeah, more like I just snickered. That’s better). Two sides are competing for attention. The academic side and the entertainment junkie side. I can’t seem to snap out of the academic side. I guess it’s all those research papers I’ve written. I’m thinking about all the what-ifs history provides, especially now that I’m transitioning from Russian History into Viking History. 

 I can’t seem to snap out of the academic side. I guess it’s all those research papers I’ve written. I’m thinking about all the what-ifs history provides, especially now that I’m transitioning from Russian History into Viking History. I want to fill my time chasing down these what-ifs and if I’m not going to do research on it, I want to get lost in a book. It’s just been so interesting.

I hear you whispering: Such a geek. You don’t have to tell me. 

And boring! Well now, that’s subjective.

And now I get to choose a research topic I want to explore for my Viking History research paper final. How awesome is that? Right after researching the Muscovite Law Code of 1649 I get to explore the judicial system of the Vikings. Not that that’s going to be my research topic but I am considering it.

To be honest, the only television show I’ve successfully kept up with is Scorpion and I’m behind two episodes. Yes, yes. I haven’t watched the season finale yet. Again. Weekly research papers. 

Excuses, excuses. A blogger finds the time! 

I have spent some time thinking about what to post. I’m not just researching and stuff. I’ve been kind of combing through past posts and finding what I like and what was liked. It’s interesting to see how things have progressed. I mean, I jumped into the blogosphere just because. I went from random things to deciding on reviews to questioning reviews back to reviews and then just random things. All rolled up into one blog with the title of Information Junkie.

Plus, it’s June. The middle of 2017 is coming to a point. It’ll be that time to review the first half of the year. Not because it’s on the agenda or anything but because it’s a habit I seemed to have developed. And I’m not even a planner type person!

Ah, summer. How badly do I wish life can be more on the Phineas and Ferb side of than the everyday ho-hum making a living side. Which makes me think, what would I do if I had no obligations? This merits some thought. Perhaps another blog post. Hm . . . 

So, what to post, what to post. 

Is it June already? Take 2

That has never happened to me before. I typed out a blog post last night albeit halfway to dreamland, hit published, saw that it got published before reaching dreamland, and now it’s no where to be found. Not in Trash or Scheduled or Draft. Well, I did find it in draft, tried to publish it again and said “cannot add to database” and then poof. Gone. Interesting.

And while it is what it is I am a little disappointed that it didn’t get published on June 1st. Moving on.

My, my, my. June already. So. Fast.

What I can’t believe either is that it’s been 14 days since my last post! I know was zoning out a bit but I didn’t mean to go dark for that long.

The first seven days was me zeroing in on my final research project for Russian History–the Law Code of 1649 and the beginning of serfdom. No matter what kind of history I study I tend to gravitate towards the judicial system and entertainment. Like “we have television and movies, what did Imperial Russia do for fun?” And I was fascinated by the work the Odoyevsky Commission did and how one key section set the course of Russia’s economy. And I had the unique challenge to gather all this data and structure it into a power point presentation (which I aced by the way. 100 out of 100 points, thankyouverymuch). Up next is ⚒Viking History⚔️, class starting Monday, and I. Can’t. Wait! 

And then I have been binge reading. The weekly paper assignment for Russian History set back my reading schedule and with the week off between semester I just had to catch up! Battlemage and the Crown’s Fate have been out since early May and I still didn’t reread! I so far behind. 

And today my allergies have left me exhausted. I was going to squeeze out a review but the discovered my post disappeared. So … until tomorrow for that one.

We are heading into my least favorite season but we’re just one season away from my favorite season 🍂💛🍁💛🌾.

Happy June!

At the Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

So, reporting live from my seat in the theater. With all the studying and stuff it’s nice to head to the world of make believe for just a little bit. Mental break!

We’ll see how it goes!

Book Geek Problem #2

Ugh, I am so torn! Battlemage (Summoner Series #3) by Tarzan Mathau was released May 2nd and The Crown’s Fate by Evelyn Skye was released on Monday and I haven’t started either one because I really, really, really wanted to read the entire series back-to-back.

I’m so tempted to just jump right in! I’m missing out on all the buzz around these grand finale. I feel like I’m already behind. 

Sighs. But school is the priorty. I’ve been able to keep up with the someone grueling schedule (a weekly 1-3 page paper is no easy task, let me tell you). 

And I want the full effect of continuity. That wonderful buzz you get from reading a book series from beginning to end. No cliffhangers. No pauses. No trying to remember what happened in the first book when a character references it in the last.

So, as tempted as I am to just do it, I’m going to hang in there. Plus, I am  at 40% of The Novice, book one in the summoner series. Considering that I started it on Monday–juggling home, work, and school–I’c say that’s pretty good.

Here’s to staying strong! 

Table Talk: The Information Junkie

Presently, I’m enjoying happy hour at my local Starbucks taking advantage of the 50% off promotion to try a grande Green Tea Cream Frappacuino with whip cream. And I am doing so to kill time between work and a history lecture on King Kaumualii (What can I say? History geek, I never denied it). The thing about killing time as an info junkie is that you get into this mind suck, especially if you have an Internet conncection and decide to go through your list of things you want to research (What can I say? My blog is 411 Junkie for a reason). 

You keep a list of things you want to research? Like seriously?

Yes, seriously! And maybe it’s not a specifically handwritten (sometimes it is though) or typed out, but at the very least it’s an on-going mental listing of things I’d like to read up on. Cough it up to my personality (which is an INTPer according to Meyer-Briggs and if you want a clue about what that is go check out my Pintrest board).

But I’m sitting at Starbucks thinking what makes me an info junkie? What exactly is an info junkie? This is just as hard as answering “what are you going to do with a European History degree?”

An info junkie, to me, is essentially a researcher. This is a person who has a variety of interests and tends to keep up with all of those interests when they can. For me, I keep tabs on blogging, writing, legal stuff, political stuff (and this is a very vague term because I’m not really engaged in presidential politics. It’s more of a general overview. Does that make sense?). I brush up on info security, administrative/executive assistant training, amateur radio stuff, computer stuff, and any points of history that pique my interest. And these range of subjects of course have sub-topics so things can get mighty complex.

And I love it. 

But that is what an information junkie means to me. You look up anything and everything. Heck, I watch YouTube videos on ballroom dancing, how to play the piano, and language learning tips and tricks. I tend to subscribe to email lists on various topics just so I don’t forgot to look up something. 

I love information and I love organizing information. Finding patterns and connecting the dots. 

Which is why majoring in European History suites me. Learning how to gather data, analyze data, and then turn it into a pretty report is fun for me. I love hunting down snippets of information.

So, Information Junkie. That’s a job I love doing doing and someone I love being.

Sneak Peek: Psych, The Movie

Oh my gosh! I cannot believe it. This post popped up in my feed and I can barely contain my excitement! I miss this show so much. So. Much. 

You read that right. Psych fans are getting a movie. A movie! As the post mentions (which you can read here) it picks up three years after the show’s finale and we’ll see the core cast returning to reprise their roles (Shawn and Jules 4eva! Shawn and Gus BFFs!).

We last saw these guys in 2014 with their series ending “The Break-up” which, as far as series-enders go, was perfect. It closed plot lines but left wiggle room for it never truly end, you know? 

And I’m sorry but I can never think about this show’s ending without mentioning the others. 2014 was a hard year for me, saying good-bye to theee of my most favorite shows ever!–Psych (2006-2014), White Collar (2009-2014), and Warehouse 13 (2009-2014). All in the same year. sniffs Gone. And I already said good-bye to two more favorites a few years earlier, Monk (2002-2009) and Eureka (2006-2012).

But at least we Psych fans get this. A moment to “peek” at the gang three years later. For whatever reason, I’m not as scared of this revisit than I was with Gilmore Girls. I don’t know. I’ll tamper down my optimism just a teensy bit then. But still. So awesome!

Can’t wait.