TV Junkie 411: Marco Polo, Netflix Original

11651784Okay, so … Marco Polo … have you seen the trailer for this new Netflix original?! Wow! And if you haven’t, see the end of this post or if you can’t wait that long, here.

I’m excited to see the premiere. One, I’m a history buff. And why does that matter? Well, it’s based on a historical figure. Who met Kublai Khan! I mean, seriously, how is that not awesome for a history buff? So, we have history. We have TV? Need I go further? Besides, White Collar is in its final season. I had to say good-bye to both Psych and Warehouse 13. And the season before that it was Eureka. Yep, I’m on the hunt for a few new shows. 

Anyway, I’m excited and a bit nervous. Why? Well, it’s because it’s a TV series. You never know where you stand with TV, especially in the first season. Will it get enough ratings to stay in production? Can they stretch the story lines or create an intriguing story arch? Will it be any good? I always get nervous during the first season.

Take The Secret Circle for an example … okay, you know what? Another time. Let me get back into focus here. 

I guess there’s a benefit that it’s a Netflix Original, right? I’m not quite sure how Netflix does TV, but hopefully it’ll succeed. 

So … Marco Polo. I know none of the cast, which is a bit exciting. We get to meet new people, see new faces. So curious. Lorenzo Richelmy will be playing Marco and I’m interested to see how Marco, the character itself, will develop. Series writing credits goes to John Fusco and I’m interested in seeing his work. Seems like the season is 10 episodes in and ready to premiere December 12th. 

I hope it’s a good one. It looks like a good one. 

TV Addict: #SleepHollow S2 E9 – Mama!

Okay, I just had to say something about this episode because … FINALLY!

So, the first half of season two is moving a bit slow. As ET’s InsideTV’s blog post by Hilary Busis pointed out in this postSleepy Hollow has some issues and I agree with just about all of them. I love zombie John Cho, but I don’t mind if he doesn’t come back.

With E9, we see Hawley help Abbey because Ichabod is sick. I have to say, I like seeing more of Hawley. I have yet to see how he’ll fit into this gang, but so far, I like that he’s a different element … and that he’s a much needed ally, because I really feel that our two witness should get more of them.

Anyway, moving on to why I say “FINALLY!” We get to see the Dixon lineage FINALLY coming into play. Ever since season one’s reveal that Grace Dixon, an ancestor of Abbey and Jenny, crossed paths with the Crane’s and proved to be a witch I had wanted to see the show pull in this lineage. I’ve been patiently waiting to see how their lineage would resurface and I’m so glad to finally see it take place in this episode.

I was sad to see Lori Mills’ backstory, because she was a fierce woman protecting her daughters, but I’m happy to see that TeamWitnesses have another source, a witch’s journal, to aid them. I’m also hoping to see the girls (at least Jenny) be able to tap into this magical line to help this team.

On the downside, I was hoping to see more of Katrina’s power, but I guess I’ll have to wait for the next episode to see her powerful magic come to life (as Busis’ post pointed out, Katrina is supposed to be this powerful witch and we haven’t seen her ‘powerful’ yet).

I can’t wait to watch episode ten! (Hopefully, I will by this weekend)

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TV Junkie 411: #OUAT The Frozen story arch

Spoiler Alert: There probably are spoilers
Before I get into it, know that I have not watched the mid-season finale. I am writing this post before I watch it because … well … I’m gearing up for it.

So … Frozen.

Well, like the rest of the OUAT fandom, I was just as shock to see Frozen, live action, in the last few minutes of the Season 3 finale. After the shock wore off, I had mixed feelings about it. I think I was just anxious to see it all play out.

Fast forward to the Season 4.

The premiere was awesomeness! I liked how they brought in Elsa. The episodes that follows were just as good too. I liked the conflict between Emma and Killian (although I really hope to see their relationship grow by the end of this season), the search for Ana is a nice twist, I really liked seeing Will Scarlet thrown in there (I was wondering if and when he was going to show up), and the Regina-Robin true love struggle. Out of all the possible story threads this season, the one that most intrigues me is Operation Mongoose.

I am so curious where this story line leads to. The author of the fairy tales. The one who can give villains a happily ever after. The person who could possibly allow us to see an honest win for Regina.

(Hm, I just realized my post is taking a turn off topic. Let me get us back on track …)

But getting back to Frozen.

This far into the new season, I have to say I hope the Frozen storyline finds a conclusion. As much as I liked how they tied it in, for some reason I’m finding it lagging just a tad. I do like how they brought in the Snow Queen herself though. I really, really do. I appreciate it even. I like how they’re tying the royal lineages and the fact that the rock troll has über powers, enough to wipe out all of Arendale’s memories.

But, it seems this story line is wearing out its welcome. For me, it’s just on the borderline of getting cumbersome.

On that note …

I’m looking forward to this week’s past episode, which I’m hoping to watch tomorrow *crosses fingers*. I’ve been catching up on homework since my computer was out of commission for a bit so … I. Can’t. Wait!

What are your thoughts on the Frozen story arch?

Pros vs cons … go!

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TV Addict: Pilot Post


I’ve been blogging for a while now and though I claim to love all things entertainment I haven’t really posted anything about TV. There’s a reason for that. Maybe even several reason.

The one that comes to mind immediately, and I think plays a huge reason why I’ve stayed clear of discussing TV, is that I don’t know how to go about it. I mean, there are so many blogs out there that recaps episode after episode do I really want to add to that mess? And then do I blog per episode or per story arch or per season? *shakes my head* See? A mess. And what if I don’t want to blog about every episode?

The other reason I’ve stayed away from TV is that I don’t have cable and it’s more often than not I don’t watch TV in “real time.” It may be a few weeks, even months, that I’ll post something on that particular show. With school and work and everything between I didn’t think it’d be fair to post here and there about the shows I watch.

And then I finally said, screw it. Post whatever you feel like posting. I have a feeling I may change this … later, but I’ll run with it and see where it takes me. For now.

The fact that it’s NaBloPoMo helps. It’s motivating me to post daily, something I’ve tried to do in the past and just haven’t been successful. And I can keep posting about movies and books and random things that doesn’t have a category on my blog, but TV will mix things up a bit. At least that’s the game plan.

So … wish me luck. Bare with me as I explore this pathway on this really chaotic journey.

Just so you know what posts to ignore, here’s a list of some of the shows I’m more or less caught up with ad following:

Once Upon A Time
Sleepy Hallow
The Vampire Diaries
White Collar (final season this fall, *sniffs*)

Other shows that I’ve followed in the past that I need to catch up with:

Warehouse 13
(SO bummed that I missed the final season)
(SO bummed times 2! Because I missed this final season as well)
Downton Abbey
The Big Bang Theory
Royal Pains

(Thank you for the picture)

(NaBloPoMo, Day 10 – Oh yeah! Ten days in a row! Record breaking!)