Sneak Peek: Psych, The Movie

Oh my gosh! I cannot believe it. This post popped up in my feed and I can barely contain my excitement! I miss this show so much. So. Much. 

You read that right. Psych fans are getting a movie. A movie! As the post mentions (which you can read here) it picks up three years after the show’s finale and we’ll see the core cast returning to reprise their roles (Shawn and Jules 4eva! Shawn and Gus BFFs!).

We last saw these guys in 2014 with their series ending “The Break-up” which, as far as series-enders go, was perfect. It closed plot lines but left wiggle room for it never truly end, you know? 

And I’m sorry but I can never think about this show’s ending without mentioning the others. 2014 was a hard year for me, saying good-bye to theee of my most favorite shows ever!–Psych (2006-2014), White Collar (2009-2014), and Warehouse 13 (2009-2014). All in the same year. sniffs Gone. And I already said good-bye to two more favorites a few years earlier, Monk (2002-2009) and Eureka (2006-2012).

But at least we Psych fans get this. A moment to “peek” at the gang three years later. For whatever reason, I’m not as scared of this revisit than I was with Gilmore Girls. I don’t know. I’ll tamper down my optimism just a teensy bit then. But still. So awesome!

Can’t wait.

TV 411: The Royals – An Introduction

** SPOILER ALERT: Proceed at your own risk **


Mark Schwahn


E! Entertainment Television


March 15, 2015

The Hook:

Shows about royalty, or things royal-like, story lines always grabs my attention. It’s not because I’m smitten with the idea of a court or with the glitz and glamor. It’s always because I’m curious to see how royalty will be depicted. Will it be serious? Will it be funny? Will it be somewhat realistic? I mean, I know it’s fiction so things will get exaggerated, but I can’t help but wonder what the truth of that exaggeration might be, you know? So the hook for me is simply because it’s a show about a fictional family of royals and the ups and downs of be caught among fame, duty, and individuality.

Th Premise:

So, considering the title of the show, I’m sure you can guess what the baseline story arch of the show is. Royalty and the drama that follows.  The show focuses on the royal family, of course, but I also like that the show teases out the security detail  and, it’s too soon for me to tell (I only really watched one episode so far), I’d imagine the servants as well.

Cast of Characters:

Prince Liam (William Moseley) – The future king. Having assumed this title and responsibility rather suddenly, and very much unexpectedly, Liam is has to quickly figure out what kind of king he wants to be (or at least the direction he’s aiming for) while figuring out how to keep true to himself while doing what’s best for his kingdom.

Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) – The queen and mother of Liam. Boy, do I like her character. She’s not my favorite (I don’t thin I even have a favorite yet. No, wait. I do. I do have a favorite) and, you know, I’m not even sure if like her (I need to watch more of the show to decide where she stands with me), but I do respect her character. She’s fighting all kinds of battle fronts. Firstly, keeping her family out of the tabloids. Then ruling her kingdom. Then trying to be a mother. She’s got all kinds of things going on I can’t help but appreciate her. Elizabeth Hurley is really doing a good job with her portrayal.

Princess Elenor (Alexandra Park) – Liam’s twin sister and, of course, the princess. I like her. While Queen Helena is the iron fist of the family, Elenor can be seen as the black sheep. She’s the Queen Helena is trying to keep out of the tabloids the most because Elenor doesn’t make things easy. Every family has one, but I like the energy she brings to the show. The vulnerability clashing with anger, bitterness, and bite. Or at least bark.

King Simon (Vincent Regan)  The king, of course. And poor Simon! I mean, he’s suppose to be king and the head of household, but often takes a backseat to, well, everyone.

Ted Price (Oliver Milburn) – Head of security and my favorite (as of episode one)! I love what his character brings to the show. Well, since I’ve only seen the pilot, what I see him brining to the show is that other layer of perspective. He’s that behind the scenes person, but an important person, and I love how that works. His position would make things interesting to see how that influences his life.

Ophelia Price (Merritt Patterson) – Daughter to the Head of Security and Prince Liam’s love interest. Because of  course we need a love interest who would be known as a servant or a daughter of a servant or a commoner. You know what I mean. I may be a bit sarcastic, but I do like the idea of these two. They’re about the same age so they more or less grew up together (in the castle of course, not like having playdates with each other). It’ll be interesting to see where this may go.

I think that’s pretty much the main cast, as of episode one. I’m sure I’m missing characters and will learn who they are as I make my way along season one (like Marcus, for example. Liam’s bodyguard).

Continuing on:

The pilot episode introduced some interesting plot lines I wouldn’t mind seeing played out. Liam and Ophelia for one. Ophelia and her father is another. What happened to Ophelia’s mother? Why is Elenor the wild child? I think there is a lot of potential with a setting and atmosphere like the royal family so I’m curious.

And because I’m curious, I think I’ll give season one a shot. At least season one. We’ll see if it’s worth sticking it out. Since they’re still on air, I am assuming they’re doing well enough so that’s a plus. It’s listed as a drama, but I find it entertaining as well.







Binge Watching: Hart of Dixie

So, I didn’t mean to start this series. But I found myself waking up, wide awake at midnight. My mind couldn’t focus enough to read and I’m caught up on the shows I wanted to be caught up and didn’t feel like finishing up the couple of shows I wanted to, so … here I am, 7 episodes into Season 1 and yep. 

#Hooked #BingeWatch #Zade!

Yep. I’m not one for shipping wars. I’m really not, but there are just some couples that just drill their way into your heart and you can’t help rooting for them, you know? Zoe and Wade is one of them. For me anyway. 

So, adding this to my list of new shows and we’ll see how invested I get.

TV 411: BBC’s Sherlock, The Abominable Bride

sherlockCreated by: Mark Gatiss & Steven Moffat
Network: BBC
Show Debut: 2010
On Air: 2010 – present
Episode Title: The Abominable Bride
Episode Debut: Jan 1, 2016

What a heart-stopping episode! I usually try to stay away from anything that would scare me, like all things that fall in the horror genre, because I have an overactive imagination. Understanding what The Abominable Bride was all about, you would expect to be prepared. NOT! It was a chilling experience. A good, excited, all things I expected from this series, kind of experience, but still, chilling. From the first 10 minutes!

*** SPOILER ALERT for the rest of this post ***

Episode Story Arch:

The story starts off in 1890s London (which is one of my favorite eras) with Sherlock and Watson being approached by Lestrade with a very troubling case. That’s not unusual and pretty much how things normally start for this detective duo, but the troubling part is, well, troubling. drum roll plus spoiler alert warning: Someone was killed by a someone who was already declared dead gasp! So off Sherlock and Watson go, trying to figure out how a ghost can kill someone and they are trying to solve it with a community where some people still strongly believe in superstitions and all things paranormal.

The breakdown:

I absolutely love this episode.

We start with the story line. I enjoy the fact that this case is taking place in 19th century London. A time before some of the technological advancements of the time and strong believers in superstitions within the community. Where ghosts weren’t too far-fetched and almost plausible. The story keeps a consistent pace and does a nice job weaving in the pieces of the story to create the entire plot. In addition to that, this episode also ties itself to “present day” Sherlock and Watson story lines such as Mary Watson and Moriarty. And my favorite thing about this episode is the blend of past and present. It’s almost like 19th century Sherlock and Watson is running parallel to present day Sherlock and Watson, solving a similar case or, well, a similar problem. The blend of both timelines, stories, and themes was so much fun to watch and put together in a way that just worked. Sherlock and Watson have a moment, the in 19th century time line, where Watson touches on Sherlock’s … love life so to speak, which was a nice play on their friendship side of things. After all, Watson is married and, well, that’s that. With season four on its way, you know Sherlock’s character development has to evolve in some ways, whether he sticks on that trajectory and makes it back to his single self it will be interesting to see how they follow up on this.

As always, Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and Martin Freeman (Watson) continue their great on screen chemistry as friends and colleagues. In addition, you have Amanda Abbington (Mary) and Mark Gatiss (Mycroft) making an appearance as well as Rupert Graves (Lestrade) and even Andrew Scott (Moriarty) in this episode. Oh, and Louise Brealey (Molly) is in this one as well and I love the part she played and how they portrayed her … well, I’ll stop here. I also love this episode because it was interesting to see how Cumberbatch and Freeman portray their personalities across two time periods. How their 19th century counterparts would react to the world around them yet keeping true to their distinct personalities. They did wonderfully, all those who played both timelines. And I have to say, Natasha O’Keeffe, our Abominable Bride was excellent! I mean, chills. Enough said.

And, since I’ve gushed on about the two time periods, may as well continue that into presentation. The set directors and costume designers did a great job giving us the feel of two distinct eras. I’m not an expert on historical accuracy, yet, and even if I was I wouldn’t nitpick here because it was done well enough for me to discern 19th century timeline and 21st century timeline. Camera and sound work were awesome. I know it takes a combination of costume and camera work to give viewers the chills, of course delivery is crucial as well, and they did it well.

I can’t wait to see what comes next. Especially with Sherlock’s whole “I said Moriarty was back not alive” bit at the end of the episode. What does that mean?! Ugh! Season 4 cannot come soon enough.

TV 411: Young and Hungry, Season 3 Recap


#SpoilerAlert! You have been warned.

Created by: David Holden
Network: Free Form (formally known as ABC Family)
Debut: June 25, 2014
On Air: 2014 – present
Season 3 Hook: Jake or Josh?! Jake or Josh?!

So, Season 2 ended with Gabi and Josh’s brother. His brother! And Josh ended up “letting her go.” And off to Coachella Gabi and Jake goes with their food truck that Josh gifted them.

Sighs. Jake or Josh? I feel for Gabi, but that’s what makes this series fun. And of course I love that Elliot and Alan are making their way together and that Yolanda and Sophia are still the best.

Into Season 3 we go.

Story Arcs

Story Arc 1: Jake and Gabi

So, you can’t have Season 3 without Jake and Gabi. The season starts with them driving off, starting a new chapter of their lives together. And “defining the relationship.”

Thoughts: In some ways I was kind of leaning towards these two as end game, but I just couldn’t shake Josh and Gabi. I mean, they’ve been through so much together, you know? And well, they’re still kind of processing their feelings because you know someone always comes between them or something always comes between. It’s a roller coaster with these two and even though it can be frustrating, you don’t want to jump off.

Story Arc 2: Josh and Gabi

Because you can’t have Young & Hungry without Josh and Gabi. Season 3 ended with Josh coming to terms that he still loves Gabi, yet he wants her to be happy so he buys the food truck for Jake and Gabi and sends them off with his blessing.

Thoughts: See above because that sums it up.

Since the seasons are short, with ten episodes, there is usually one or two major story arcs. Of course, there is Elliot and Alan beginning their life together and adjusting to married life so that’s always a good break from the Gabi and Josh drama. And then you have Sophia and Yolanda trying to figure their way out through their single lives. I love the mix of it.

New Characters

There isn’t really any new characters that will seem to stick around permanently.

There is a guest appearance by Rachel Ray for S3x6: Young & Rachel Ray. There was also Rob (Andy Faverau) who appears in S3x7: Young & Rob’d. I don’t think he’ll reappear, at least not any time soon. Oh, there was appearances by Kathy Walker (Cheryl Hines) and Nick Diamond (Jerry O’Connell) as Josh’s mom and Gabi’s dad, respectively in S3x4: Young & Parents.

Season 3 Overall: It was short and sweet and yet so many things happened. We got to see Josh and Gabi reunite. We got to meet Josh’s mom and, I believe, meet Gabi’s dad for the first time. That was interesting. We see the same chemistry continuing and everything seems to be just as it is. Still engaging. Still funny. Still enjoyable.

I am a little nervous at the constant back and forth between Josh and Gabi. The will they or won’t they conundrum, but it’s hasn’t reached that point where it’s getting boring, which is a huge plus. Some shows drag certain story lines out so much I tend to lose interest, but that isn’t the case with this one. I am looking forward to Season 4.

Favorite Episode: There is more than one who contended for this coveted spot. S3x8: Young & Getting Real is a runner-up. It was nice to see behind-the-scenes and see the core cast just engage their fans. Oh, and S3x4: Young & Parents was hilarious! Their parents? Yeah, that was fun to see. But I think my favorite one this season goes to S3x9: Young & Lottery. I love it because you got to see all of the core cast interact with each other with the end goal that they’ll all be rich. It was fun to watch and I smiled through the whole darned episode, which is a common occurrence with this show, but still. I noticed that I smiled and laughed through the whole episode.

And I am happy to see that Season 4 is underway! So . . . hats off to you, Young & Hungry, for keeping us entertained.

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TV 411: Scorpion, Season 2 Recap

A thought on these recaps: I haven’t really settled on a way to do these season recaps for TV, which is part of the reason I was unsure about reviewing TV stuff, but I just can’t leave it, you know? So, bare with me while I figure out my voice for TV ;).


Created by: Nick Santora
Pilot Premiere: September 22, 2014
Network: CBS
Introduction: TV 411: Scorpion, An Introduction
Season 2 Hook: A bunch of geniuses freelancing their skills doing part time work for Homeland and Paige and her kiss? Yeah, I have to find out what happens because that’s just . . . yeah. And I’m curious to see more into this bunch of geeks.

Season one left with our crew of geniuses saving their fearless leader from plunging to his doom, in a Ferrari, off a cliff. The tension, the climax, and then a declaration of love to an out-of-it Walter O’Brien!

On that note, we lead into Season 2 with Walter on the mend, not quite 100% yet, with doctor’s orders to take it easy. But who has ever taken things easy? Especially when you’re not used to taking it easy.

Story Arc 1: Walter and Paige
As with any good television show, you’ve got to have your minor story arcs and Walter and Paige is center stage in this series. Walter is brainy, obviously, and has a very low emotional IQ, again obviously, and yet with Paige understanding these idiosyncrasies has started to develop feelings for Walter. Of course, Walter is in the same boat, but being the logical and rational person he is, he lets those dictate most of his thought process when it comes to Paige. And it continues into this season.

Thoughts: This plot line is pretty interesting. I mean, we all can appreciate a blossoming romance right? Especially when it’s one of those yin and yang type, the opposites attract type. And Walter and Paige fits that m.o. to a T, but then it fades into the background, once again, and Season 2 leaves us with Walter chasing after Paige this round. I’m still processing on how I feel about this. I mean, I get whole wanting the relationship to develop across seasons so they both can get to know each other thing. Plus, Walter had a lot of things to process on his own. So, I get it. I’m just trying not let myself think it’s getting overplayed.

Story Arc 2: Toby and Happy
We see the push and pull with this pair throughout season one and well, they take off in season two.

Thoughts: I love this development. Toby and Happy. Who would’ve thunk it? I like how Happy is kind of dropping her walls around Toby and they’re actually testing out a relationship. They’re fun to watch.

Story Arc 3: Meg’s illness
We know that Meg, Walter’s sister is fighting multiple sclerosis. It’s rough and she’s not doing to good. She’s getting worse. And sadly, the disease wins.

Thoughts: Tears! That’s all I have to say. Tears, tears, tears! I mean, sniffs, I really wanted to see her pull through, make a miraculous recovery due to the genius of her brother, and live happily ever after with Sly, but the logical and rational part of myself knew that this was a pivotal point for our team of geniuses. It opens up the crew to emotional processing, especially for Walter O’Brien. It hits and it hits hard.

Those are the major story arcs dotting the exciting parts of solving major catastrophe’s or stopping an international conflict.

New Characters!

So, in addition to our favorite core team, there are a couple of newbies.

Ray Spiewack (Kevin Weisman) – Someone Walter meets while doing community service as his sentence for reckless endangerment (the Ferrari over the cliff? Yep). He ends up staying at the warehouse while he figures out what to do with his life. And I love him! He lightens the mood around the cast of characters and balances out the dynamic of the team.

Tim Armstrong (Scott Porter) – Cabe brings him in on one of their later cases and joins the team as a second Cabe, so to speak. Or, more like if Cabe’s the Captain, Tim is his lieutenant. And I love this addition too, though I’m still cautious on whether I like him joining the series semi-permanently. Firstly, Cabe needs help when it comes to the security of Team Scorpion. He can’t do all the heavy lifting by himself and it’s about time they bring in an extra hand to help him with that. Scorpion can do a lot of things, but sorely lack in hand-to-hand combat or shooting a gun type of skills and some of the cases they take on for Homeland or other big jobs, Cabe could use that extra hand.

Season 2 – Overall: It was a pretty good season. There was lots of stuff happening. Sylvester’s marriage to Megan, Happy and Toby’s growing relationship, and the addition of Ray and Tim. I’m loving the way things are going, even though I’m super sad about Meg. I mean, Cabe and Walter speed dating? Love it. And we see Walter really trying. Befriending Ray, trying to date, actually dating (even though it wasn’t Paige). He’s trying. The whole team is trying new things and I love seeing their development.

I am nervous with the way season two ended. I am so anxious to see how Toby and Happy moves forward with that shocker and I want to see how Sly moves on. He was able to experience love and companionship. He found someone who spoke his language. And while he’s taken Meg’s death much better than his companions, and his brother-in-law, I want to see how his future turns out.

Favorite Episode of the Season: I don’t know if I have a particular favorite in mind, more like a compilation of favorite moments, but if I have to choose one episode I would have to say Season 2, Episode 7, “Crazy Train.” Directed by Jeff T. Thomas, written by Kevin J. Hynes & Nick Santora, this episode was my favorite because of the fact that Ralph was on the train and he was able to show off his mad skills in front of everyone who teases him or treats him differently. I mean, there was a lot of Ralph moments that I love, but something about moving trains at top speeds and Ralph helping stop the train. Yeah, I liked this one.

So, I’ll be patiently waiting for Season 3 and hoping this series can make it past Season 4. I think they could and I hope they can.