Rereading: Sincerely, Carter

Sincerely, Carter

Best-Friends-to-Couple Love Stories

I can’t tell you what it is that has me rereading a lot of my faves. Maybe it’s nostalgia or perhaps it’s just because I really, really enjoy reading them.

Sincerely, Carter by Whitney G. is one book I definitely keep coming back to. What can I say? I really Love Carter and Arizona. They definitely make the top three best-friend-to-couple romances (only because I can’t do any heavy thinking at the moment and don’t want to call them #1 without being 100% sure … and just as I type this I believe they are, followed very closely by Brian & Ellamara in the Cinder & Ella duology by Kelly Oram). Everything about their story just makes my day. I keep returning to them if only to read through all my highlights.

And I think I’m drawn to them again because Whitney G. is planning to release another story that’s grabbed my attention.