Cutting it close! (And headaches)

That was close!

Wow! I did not realize the time and almost missed posting today.

I almost let it go because I’m not feeling well. A headache earlier this evening had me zoning off into space for some time. I ended up trying to read. And now that the headache pills I took seem to be working, I can manage to type out this post.

Have you ever had that? Headaches, or getting sick, at the turn of the season? I actually have headaches semi-frequently. Most of the time I think it’s sinus headaches, from my allergies, but I’m also prone to headaches in general. I never thought too much about them until the past couple of days.


I didn’t realize that headaches could actually be migraines. I think it was this article by Pain Doctor that said headaches are just pain while migraines has other symptoms in addition to head pains. Which fits the type of headaches I generally get because dizziness and nausea usually comes with my headache.

I’m not trying to be dramatic or anything, but I didn’t know how common it was to mistake a migraine for a headache. I’ll have to be more observant of my symptoms, instead of just assuming it’s a headache, to figure out if I should be taking this more seriously.

After all, it couldn’t hurt to put pay more attention, right?