Holiday Post: The Eye of the Storm

It’s funny to think of the Christmas season similar to a hurricane, but when you take a closer look, it makes sense, doesn’t it?

I mean, you have the chaos that is shopping for presents, putting up holiday decorations, mailing out the holiday cards, attending Christmas parties.

And then you have Christmas Day. You open presents, eat some more food, spend more time with family and friends.

Then comes the eye of the hurricane. You clean up, rest for a bit, and then start preparing for the other side of the storm that is New Years Eve.

The joys of the season. And perhaps there’s a touch of sarcasm, but admit it. You love it! I know I do, most times 😉 .

So, as we enter the eye of this hurricane, hopefully you’re finding some me-time to recharge your batteries in preparation of the other side of the storm. Go hole up somewhere and read a good book, put on some dancing shoes, or just chill out for a bit. Stop and smell the roses, so to speak.

And not be a mood killer, but also take a minute or two to reflect upon the year you had. Revel in the moments of joy and triumph and say good-bye to those sad and bad moments. You’re about to start a new year (in addition to our respective Chinese New Years customs and our birthday).

Relax. Smile. Cheers to round 2!


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