Movie Buff 411: The Movie Series

Okay, we all know that you can’t possibly pick that one movie as a favorite movie when it’s part of a series. I mean, sure you can choose it as a favorite in that series but you definitely cannot choose it as a stand alone favorite. You just can’t!

So, here are my favorite five movie series (and movie series defined as a collection of related films in succession) and in no particular order:

The Hobbit – because … really, does it even need a ‘because?’

The Lord of the Rings – see above explanation.

National Treasure – because it speaks to the history geek in me. And really, how many of us are now dying to rub some lemon juice on the Declaration of Independence now?

Night at the Museum – again, total history geek and what history geek doesn’t secretly wish a museum can come to life?

Harry Potter – because it was an epic book series and they actually made movies on the entire series. It’s the perfect meld of book and movie for me.

And honorable mention:
Die Hard – because … yeah, I’m just going to leave it as because and only because if there was an exception to the stand alone favorite rule, it’d be for this series 😉 .

And I have a feeling I may revist this in the future but those mentioned are the ones I’m always drawn to.

What are some of your movie series favorites?

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