TV Junkie 411: What’s Next? December 2014

So, within the past three years, four of my shows have come to a close: Eureka (2006-2012), Warehouse 13 (2009-2014), White Collar (2009-2014), and Psych (2006-2014).

I’ve followed these shows from the pilot to the end, as best I could. Missing the final seasons of Psych and Warehouse 13 because of school, but catching up with them now. I still haven’t brought myself to watch the final episode of White Collar, knowing that it’s the last I’ll ever see, but will suck it up and get to it before the new year.

And now it’s time to ask myself … what’s next?

On my TV watching agenda I’m currently in the middle of Supernatural (2005), The Vampire Diaries (2009), Once Upon a Time (2011)Downton Abbey (2010, although I must admit I’m loosing interest in this one. I know, right? But I can’t help it. Ever since Sybil … I don’t know), and Royal Pains (2009, I have to wait for Netflix to load the past season because we missed watching the first few episodes of the new season). I’m a fan of The Big Bang Theory as well, but since we can’t really stream CBS on the Playstation or like, I usually wait for the season to head over to DVD. I’m also in-between seasons for BBC’s Sherlock, which I’m loving. And I know most fans are disappointed that each episode is like 1.5 hours and there’s only like three in a season, but I tend to like that. It gives me some breathing room, if I’m honest.

Well, here are the candidates to fill in for those four shows:

11651784Marco Polo (Netflix Original; Release Date: Dec 12, 2014) – I saw the pilot for this one  about a week ago and I’m hooked. Once the holiday season starts to settle down, I’m thinking I’ll be having a marathon with this one.

 Sleep Hollow (Fox; Release Date: Sep 2013) – I was late  to the game with this one, watching season one a few months ago and interested in it enough to be sure I catch it on Hulu. While I love the overall story arch on this one, I’m worried for this show. The theme is redundant in this season and viewers are starting to loose interest. I hope they can rally back the second half of this season.

Constantine (NBC; Release Date: Oct 2014) – I’m a big fan of the movie and I was glad to hear them doing a TV series on it. So far, I’m loving, but I’m also worried about this one. It’s a little edgy for prime time and I’m not sure it’s fairing too well with the general audience. I hope we can get past that, though. At the very least, move it over to another network. I so badly want this one to succeed.

And the fourth … *drum roll* … undecided.

Yep. I haven’t come across another TV series that piques my interest to fill spot #4. Any suggestions? I’m loosely following Game of Thrones, but I’m thinking I should get back to my roots and add a mystery. I’m a big mystery fan and I’m thinking of doing Midsomer Murders (A&E; Release Date: 1997). Actually, I’ve watched a handful of episodes from Midsomer Murders throughout the years and I absolutely love it! I just haven’t done any serious watching and I’m thinking I should, but for now, I’m all ears and up for suggestions.

What are your favorite TV shows?

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