Holiday Movie Buff 411: A Miser Brothers Christmas

Ah, Christmas Day.

Stayed up til 1 am, woke up at 8a, and did nothing all day. It was a good day.

But nothing is a relative term because even though nothing seems to imply that literally nothing was done when in truth that’s not correct or accurate. Nothing productive in terms of physical exertion was done, but it was a mental health day. I spent the day visiting family and friends and stuffing myself … ugh! And I watched movies!
One was A Miser Brothers Christmas!


Director: Dave Barton Thomas
Screenplay: Eddie Guzillian
Rating: No Rating, TV movie
Release Date: December 13, 2008

Snow Miser is the man! At the very least he’s one of my favorite Christmas characters, right behind Jack Frost. Anyway, this year was the first year I got to watch this one from start to finish and of course it’s on my favorites list and it never gets old.

Let me just get this off my chest, nothing beats the original. A Year Without a Santa Clause is where we first see the Miser brothers and quite frankly the feel from that movie didn’t carry over to this one. I’m not sure if it’s because it was animation and not stop-motion or if it was the story or if it was because it was the same voices. But to defend it just a tad, A Year Without a Santa premiered in the 70s. Big difference.

Anyway, aside from that, I did enjoy the overall storyline. The other characters are a bit questionable, but it was tolerable to me. The Misers still stole the show.

Definitely going into my collection, one day, and it’ll definitely be a yearly must-watch if only to see these lovable characters.

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