Table Talk: The Day before Christmas Eve, 2014

It was cold. It was windy. It was rainy. It was perfect.

Weather wise.

The day itself? Pretty darned good. What amazed me was the traffic. My goodness! Cars were inching along going into town as well as going out of town. Simply amazing. You’d think with Christmas Eve less than 24-hours away the shopping malls wouldn’t be that packed. And maybe I’m wrong, but I just feel that everyone would be busy wrapping their gifts already and not be shopping as much.

Of course this doesn’t apply to me 😉 . Because I was out shopping for my last minutes gifts and actually buying gift wrapping essentials so I can rush to wrap all my gifts tomorrow on my lunch break.

With at least 15 years of doing Christmas under my belt, you figure I’d have it down to an art form, and yet, ever Christmas I’m running around on the last day of Christmas shopping figuring out what still needs to be done. And not to mention the Christmas cards that are still sitting on my letter tables. Ah, Christmas.

Are you a planner and get things done before Christmas? Or are you like me, waiting up to the absolute last seconds to get things done?

Aside from this last minute rush, the evening was spent amongst family to welcome love ones who flew home for the holiday. Catching up with everyone was fun-filled and joyous so who can complain right?

Hopefully you’re de-stressing as you’re reading this post. Take a breather. Spend a few minutes of me-time to clear your head. I know I am … or will be. 😉

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