BookJunkie 411: Dangers of Reading

Seriously, who knew reading could be so dangerous?

I came home from watching Night at the Museum: Secrets of the Tomb around 10p, told myself I’m going to read for a little bit before doing my daily post, and BAM! I got only 30 minutes left on Dec 19th! Ack!

The dangers of reading *shakes my head*.

Aside from snatching time, here are five other dangers of reading:

1) It’s addictive – Because I’ve read three books this week and almost halfway into the fourth book.

2) It makes you root for the “bad” guy – Because sure he’s a vampire and drinks blood to survive, but he protected her from that evil witch that tried to mess with her brain, that same witch who gruesomely murdered her parents.

3) It messes with your emotions – Because who would’ve thought that Professor Snape had a backstory that rivals Romeo and Juliet!

4) It teaches you about other worlds – Because Middle Earth did exist at one point (I’m sure of it) and curse that Vader for blowing that planet!

5) It gives you two sides of one story – Because who in the world wants to be fully informed? *said with a touch of sarcasm*

Reading is dangerous.

It gives you experiences you never thought you’d have, it enhances your mind, and it trains your heart with a healthy dose of empathy and a touch of understanding.

Just saying.

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