Up Next: Hobbit and previews and stuff (Will I make it?)

With 19 minutes to spare on my December 18th, I hope I can bank out this post in time to not break my daily posting streak.

In my defense I just came from the 7:15 p.m. showing of The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies and it. was. epic! Review to come in the next few days. I need more than 19 … 17 minutes to write about it … just because.

And since I made it before previews started, expect a blog post on my reaction to those as well. My to-be-watched (TBW) list is growing and growing. There are some good ones coming up and I can’t wait.

There’s also some books I’ve read that I should be reviewing soon … hopefully. Truthfully, I made my 2014 GoodReads goal of 60. I’m actually up to 64 books and I have a few weeks to spare. Currently, I’m in the middle of the Knight Games Series by Genevieve Jack and … wow. Yeah, I’m not sure if I’ll post reviews on that one … yet, but I am enjoying it.

So, recap on what’s up next:

  • The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies – because no movie buff can resist adding their opinions to this epic story and mega franchise.
  • My upcoming movie favorites
  • Possible book reviews on the Knight Game series
  • and stuff …

^because “and stuff…” works. You never know if you’ll have more to say and “and stuff …” covers that 😉 .

So, what did you guys do tonight?

(and I made it, with 9 minutes to spare, yay! Happy Dance!)

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