MovieBuff 411: Chef

Directed by: Jon Favreau
Screenplay: Jon Favreau
Rating: R
Release Date: 30 May 2014
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Movie Summary: Basically, it’s about this top notch chef, Carl, who got fired, essentially, because of Twitter, which I think is so cool considering social media and professionalism these days. But, to get into more detail, Carl was getting reviewed by a prominent food critic and failed! We see he’s slave to the owner’s menu and therefore subject of a horrible review by this food critic whose review went viral. Eventually,  Carl learns about Twitter and decides to get an account and eventually tweets a throw down with this food critic, only to fall victim, again, to the owner’s menu so he decides to quit. And the side plot, he’s not a very good father. And thus begins our journey.

Honestly, mixed feelings about this one. It’s your basic fall-from-grace-so-you-go-back-to-your-roots kind of film. We’ve all seen this done before, so it’s not mind blowing or anything, but it’s done well. It’s pretty straight forward and almost predictable. There’s humor. I mean, of course there’s humor with someone like John Leguizamo in it! There’s some feel goodness, since we see Carl trying to reconnect with his son. There are some “aw” moments. I also enjoyed seeing them use Twitter and how far-reaching social media can be. It’s such a mid-2000’s kind of movie. So, while it wasn’t O. M. G.-ish, it was overall a solid story. And while the story line seems like a good family movie, just keep in mind that R-rating.

And, I’m just going to say it’s good to see John Leguizamo back in this role. The funny guy. Most of the time I think his comedy is kind of … out there? I don’t know if I’m explaining it to my liking, but let me just go with that. Whatever it is, it’s good to see John Leguizamo back at it. Jon Favreau was good too, and I’m sorry. I’ll always think about him as Monica’s boyfriend. You know, from Friends? Anyway, I think he did a solid job as Carl. It’s the first time I see Favreau in this kind of role–you know, the main role. And I can’t mention Leguizamo and Favreau without mentioning Emjay Anthony, because I really enjoyed his performance. Anthony plays Percy, Carl’s son, and really, in my opinion, he stole the show. I loved that we see Tony Stark, I mean Robert Downing Jr. and Russell Peters. Sofia Vergara did well and I’m glad we see Scarlett Johansson step back a bit in this one. Don’t get me wrong, I love her. It’s just that she’s been doing a lot of huge roles lately that I kind of like seeing her in a more supporting role.

And since this has no real call for graphics, I’ll just say that I love the sets and locations they used in this one. The road trip from Miami to LA was nice.

To add or not to add? Well, I’d have to say no. At the very least I’ll consider it if it’s in the $5 bin. It’s a movie that you should watch, but I don’t think I’d want to watch it enough times to justify a $15 purchase. I’m not sure if I’ll watch it enough to justify a $5 purchase. For me, it was one of those movies that I can watch on Netflix if I really want to, or catch it when they play it on HBO or something.

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