Happy Holidays 411: A Hawaiian Winter

Today marks twelve days until Christmas Day. Twelve days!

Now, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to get involved with Christmas posts and when I thought about doing so I kept wondering how do I want to do it. And before you get all down on me for not having Christmas spirit, or, for those of you who don’t care for Christmas get down on me for celebrating Christmas (I mean, darned if you do, darned if you don’t right? And if you’re not pissing someone off you’re not doing this right), let me just be clear and up front and tell you that I do celebrate Christmas, and I love it! So, you have been warned; feel free to proceed reading on your own free will.

So, now that we’ve cleared the air about that.


Christmas in Hawaii is … different. Firstly, we don’t have snow. And temperatures here do get cold, for Hawaii, and it does rain, but we don’t have the typical whether you see in those Christmas shows that play non-stop after Halloween. Some people I know has the tradition of going surfing on Christmas day. Secondly, we typically don’t have chimneys that Santa could shimey down and leave gifts. And another thing, we don’t have evergreen trees in Hawaii. Not really, anyway. And not enough for residents to go off, trotting in the rain, to chop down.

That’s not to say we have a sad Christmas or a disappointing one. Christmas was always spent with family and I always had a lot of fun. It’s just that our traditions were a bit different and a tad bit creative. Some of our Christmas songs speak of Santa coming in a canoe with menehunes (little people or dwarfs) instead of reindeer and elves. And how Santa gets into our living room was left to the imagination since we don’t have chimneys (“he has his ways” is all I can remember being said about that). Instead of evergreen trees, we’d use the Norfolk Pine as a Christmas tree, or even those fake ones. Truth be told, even though evergreen trees don’t really grow here in Hawaii, they are shipped over during Christmas. So even though we’re not going out to chop them down, we do go to the local Kmart/Walmart/Home Depot to pick up real Christmas trees.

So even though we don’t have snow or real Christmas trees or we see a surfing Santa instead of one that flies around in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, Christmas is still Christmas to us.

And of course, you really don’t need all those things to celebrate a true Christmas, right? It’s about love, family, and the birth of Christ (for those who are religious). It is a time for peace, kindness, and lots of smiles.

So, no matter what you do during the winter season, no matter what holiday you celebrate, or don’t, I do hope you’re having a fun-filled season thus far.

Happy Holidays!

(Photo credits: Louise Coultier’s Pinterest for the Sandman and Pixgood.com for Surfing Santa)

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