Random 411: City life, Hawaii style

You grew up in the city. Do you miss it?

That’s the one question I can count on being asked once someone learns that I grew up in the city. I moved to the country when I was still in grade school, but I have to say, the most impressionable years of my childhood was in the city. Our field trips would include a yearly excursion to the symphony or a to watch a scene from a broadway play. After school programs would include activities like learning how to swim, play tennis, shoot pool (yes, there was actually a class on shooting pool–loved it!), and even calligraphy. I learned to roller blade in this back alleyway near our apartment and my friends and I would drop into the convenience store at the corner gas station for snacks. Our bicycle tag would extend a city block, with my parents strict orders not to cross the street to the other block.

But do/did I miss it?

Truthfully, yes. Sometimes. I do miss the chaos that is the city. The busyness that took place right our window. I miss the hustle and bustle of people watching. And I miss the activities we used to do in the city, like seeing the symphony. But the one thing I miss about the city is ice skating.

Living in Hawaii you can image how many opportunities we get to go ice skating, but in the city there was an ice skating rink. I didn’t go very often, in fact, I remember going about three or four times in the whole eleven years living there, but I think about it often. The elementary school I attended scheduled the year-end field trip at this ice skating rink for the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. I remember going at the end of my 4th grade year and having a blast. We moved before the end of my 5th grade year and all I can remember is “I’m going to miss the ice skating field trip!” with the second thought being “I’m going to miss doing the May Pole for May Day!,” a whole different story.

But there are some experiences that you can never have if you live in the city. One is camping. You have to drive far to camp in the city and if there’s one thing I really enjoyed when my family moved to the country it was the beach camping, with my entire family–grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. I really enjoyed our yearly camping trip on the opposite end of the island. Another experience you can’t really have while living in the city is the peacefulness you can experience just my sitting in the yard. For one, you wouldn’t really have a yard in the city. For another, peace and quiet you have to really work for when you live in the city. And I think this quiet time is so important to living life, especially when you get older and the stress you experience changes.

So, would you move back? To the city?

I don’t know. I really think I would if I had the opportunity to. However, I don’t think I’d permanently stay.

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