TV Addict 411: White Collar, the final season :'(

Okay, before Hulu and Netflix and online streaming I could never get into TV because I worked two jobs. One during the day and one during the night. As you can imagine, that made it just a tad bit difficult to keep up with television. And trying to watch an episode of CSI while serving people their food just wasn’t going to work, you know?

Well, White Collar was one of the first shows I followed from the pilot episode. And I am so sad to see it in its final season. Since 2009 I’ve been on an adventure with Peter Burke and Neal Caffery. It was neat to get a glimpse of what the white collar world is really like, regardless if it was over exaggerated, or even under exaggerated for that matter. We’ve seen them try to catch the Flying Dutchman, and then catch him again. The music box mystery was awesome. And the submarine heist the music box lead us to was awesomer. And then you have Mozzie, who is awesomest (I know, carried away with the awesome, moving on).

Of course, you can’t really talk about White Collar without talking about Neal’s women. You have Kate, and then Alex, and then Sarah, and then … her (yeah, you know who I’m talking about, Miss MI-6. But for the record, I liked her up until that point. And you know what point I’m talking about, Miss Past Girlfriends 😉 ). With a guy like Neal you have to add that element. And since we’re on this subject I’m going to have to say, Team Sarah (and I hope they bring her back this season). Just had to get that out there.  Moving on.

And while we had a glimpse into Neal’s world, I’m really glad we got to see Peter and Elizabeth’s stability. You know, the ying and the yang. It’s fun to see that dynamic.

Sighs. And now we’ll see the ending to this wonderful series. I’m glad I get to participate in this final season. School, and Hulu, has forced me to sit the past season out, but I’m all caught up and sadly counting down. But, so far it’s been a good season. I mean, an uber secret society of thieves? Nice.

So … here’s to you Moz and Neal, oh and Peter ;)! May this be the best season ever!

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