MovieBuff 411: Last box office hits of the season

It’s been two strikes at the box office for me this Fall/Winter season, with Dracula Untold and MockingJay Pt 1 not being up to par (you can see my reasons here and here, respectfully). But all is not lost! There are a couple more movies coming out that I plan to catch and I still have high hopes for.

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies being one of them. And seeing how the rest of the franchise has been completely awesome, I’m sure this is a home run. I can’t wait to see it! I’m getting all excited, and a little sad because, you know, it’s war and characters die.

Second will have to be Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. I love this franchise. Love, love, love it! It captures the imagination that every child has, “what if the museum comes to life at night?” The characters are funny. The story lines have been solid. It’s got to be epic. And a little sad, seeing as it’s one of Robin Williams’ last movie.

And lastly, Into the Woods. I love it when we get to see another perspective of an old story. It’s refreshing. It’s different. It’s the “What if?” Plus, we get to see Ana Kendrick (who I think is doing pretty good, post-Twilight). Not to mention one of my favorite actors, Chris Pine. And top-notches Meryl Strep and Johnny Depp. Definitely can’t go wrong … *crosses fingers*.

Are you waiting any movies or did all your TBW movies premiered already?

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