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Insomnia. The condition of not being able to sleep.

I’m going through that right now. It’s 2:44 am and I feel wide awake. I’m not sure if I should be impressed with myself or not, because it was a long day. I mean, stranded at the mall for 3 hours can take it’s toll on you. And seriously, I was stranded. It’s not just code-speak.

It could be because my mind is still going 100 mph thinking about tomorrow, and White Collar, and school and a gazillion other things that’s stopping my mind from shutting down for the night. Which, by the way, I’m clean up crew for dinner, I’m loving the Pink Panthers angle in White I’m really intrigued with International Relations, and a gazillion of other things–which is code-speak for me still being stuck on the Arcana Chronicles.

Really? Still stuck on that?

I know right?! My mind does that though. It tends to get stuck on stuff for a bit. Sometimes for a very long time, sometimes not. And I can’t help it. I mean, until this day I still think about David Nichols’ book One Day. I read that one last Spring.

Regardless, though, my mind still hasn’t powered down nor are my eyes getting tired. It’s amazing and frustrating. So, I hope to use a few more minutes by blogging. Because of it, I’m super early for my daily post and can relax since this will be my post for Dec. 7th.

Until my next post …

How do you folks handle insomnia? What do you do to fight it off?

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