Writing 411: NaBloPoMo 2014

National Blog Post Month – a goal to post at least one post a day.

And I did it!

And I feel great!

I had a couple of close calls, but this year I posted thirty days straight. Thirty. Days. Now, I know it doesn’t seem like much, but in the past I’ve had trouble posting once a week (my original goal) let alone daily. And you know what? I’m going to do my best to continue this streak. Why? Because it’s … fun! My posts may not always be the best of quality but practice makes perfect, eh? And what was it? If you do something for 30-days straight it becomes a habit? So hopefully it’s a habit that I don’t break. It’s been kind of nice to push myself.

Now, did I learn anything posting once a day? *thinks* Let’s see.

5 Things I Learned in NaBloPoMo 2014:

1) That I tend to have the most focus at night

2) That I can carve out at least 20 minutes of my day to sit down and blog

3) That I more people visit my blog when I post daily

4) That finding things to post about isn’t as hard as I thought it was

5) That I have really enjoy blogging

It’s not mind blasting or anything profound and, okay, most of these things I learned really were just confirmation of things I already suspected, but that I went through the challenge and succeed is a big deal.

Have you ever tried something like that? Set some goals and actually accomplished them?

How did you feel about it? Cloud 9?

I totally am. And as I mentioned, I have no intention to break this habit so we’ll see how I finish out the year.

Wish me luck!

And for those of you who participated in NaBloPoMo, how did you fair?

(NaBloPoMo 2014, Day 30!)

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