Random 411: A much better Thursday than Wednesday night

What a night it was last night!

The return of my computer only to be spoiled by my invisible bug attack. Then my ‘drunk’ blogging due to Benadryl (does that pill knock you out? It sure does for me. And I only took one! Unbelievable. I cringed reading through my post this morning. So much so that I edited most parts. I know, I know. I should’ve left it as evidence of my traumatic night, but before I could think rationally (as in, I was nearly asleep writing that post) I pressed update and gone was my evidence. Rookie mistake that won’t be made again.

So, tonight was a much better night. I got caught up on homework (answering the question on why Pakistan is considered a weak state on the global level), watch Weekend Update (thank goodness for YouTube), ate ice cream (thank goodness for drive-thrus), and now drafting my 20th blog post this month (Go me!).

I apologize for my boring posts these past couple of days. I hope to back on track tomorrow.

Here’s to Friday!

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