Movie 411: Brother’s Grimm

Spoiler Alert: There probably are spoilers
The Brothers GrimmAs I was thinking about this post, and this movie, I was trying to remember when was the first time I heard of the Grimm fairy tales. My parents never read bedtime stories to us kids and I grew up on Disney, but for as long as I can remember I knew the Disney versions were different. I just can’t remember when I became aware of the Brothers Grimm. Huh, it’s interesting to me that I can’t remember. I usually can remember when I’ve had a startling revelation, but in this case … nada.

Ah well, so. Brother’s Grimm. Awesome movie. The end.

Just kidding! But you knew that, of course.

The movie focuses on the Brothers Grimm, Wilhelm and Jacob, and gives the perspective of how the brothers may collected their stories. And in case it needs mentioning, this movie is fictional. I just had to say it. Anyway, the movie portrays the brothers as con artists that replicate the ghost stories that are told by townsfolk through special effects so that they can collect a reward for getting rid of witch/ghost/demon/etc. In the midst of one of their cons, they stumble upon a real fairy tale and find themselves in over their heads and up against a Queen’s curse that has been collecting little girls from a nearby village to inherit their beauty and their youth.

It’s a good story. I love it. It’s a different perspective on reality and of course it’s fiction (we think 😉 ), but that’s the beauty of it, yes?

The screenwriters did a good job of mixing fantastical and reality, as it pertains to the movie. What are you talking about? Example. Opening scene shows the brothers with their mother and a sister, who is very sick. The mother, needing to care for their sister, sends Jacob to town with their only cow to seek a doctor. Instead, Jacob returns with ‘magical’ beans thus giving us an example of Jack and the Giant Beanstalk, but in their reality. I love it!

As you can tell, I love the story line so lets move it a long.

Matt Damon (Wilhelm) and Heath Ledger (Jacob) were absolutely fabulous. I loved their characters and while I know this is very loosely based on the real Brothers Grimm, I thought Damon did a good job portraying the extrovert in Wilhelm and Ledger did a good job portraying the introvert in Jacob. Who else do we see? The future Queen of Sparta and Cersei Lannister, Lena Headey (Angelika), who did an excellent job as well. Monica Bellucci (The Queen), Peter Stormare (Cavaldi) (and I’m sorry, he will forever be known to me as Lu, from Constantine), and even Jonathan Pryce (The French Nobelman) were in this line up and I loved them all.  The acting … pretty good.

Up next we have graphics. It was a good blend. You know I’m all about balance and well … it was balanced. I also liked how it really blended to make it feel like you were watching a fairy tale. I’m not sure how to explain it better, but hopefully you can understand what I mean. It wasn’t over-the-top like … the Labyrnth or the Never Ending Story. It was more like Spiderwick. I don’t know if I made it worse! Ah well, hopefully you catch my drift. And there was this one graphics scene that really freaked me out. It’s the one with the mud. By the well. Yeah, you know which one. That was just too freaky seeing the eyes like that. Excellent job, really.

I’d say I’d buy it for my library, but it’s already a part of my library 🙂 . It’s a regular DVD and I don’t know if I’d spend the cash to get it on Blu-ray. As much as I love the graphics, it’s not James Cameron’s Avatar kind of graphics so I don’t know if it’d justify a $20 purchase, you know? But, I’ve watched it over and over again to justify the $10 purchase I made.

Favorite Scene:
Hm, that’s a tough one. But I’m going to go with the scene in the Miller’s place, when they ‘got rid’ of the witch. To see how they conned the village … wow. They had a good set up.

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