Spotlight 411: InfoJunkie’s Top 5 YouTube Channels


Being an information junkie isn’t an easy task. I mean, you have got to keep up with society and popular culture in order to keep up your A-game, and even then, there’s no guarantee you’ll connect all the right dots. But on the up side of being an information junkie, whether or not you connect the right dots doesn’t matter to you. What matters is the chase.

Here are my Top 5 YouTube Channels that I frequently visit (in no particular order):

  1. Mental Floss – I absolutely LOVE these guys. I remember subscribing to their magazine a few years back, which I had to sadly cancel because … you know, finances and stuff. But how excited was I when I found out they had a YouTube channel! The List Show is my overall fave, but I’m really glad they expanded the Big Question to its own show.
  2. Screen Junkies – Because they ROCK everything movies and television. I swear I watch movies and TV just so I can see if it ends up on Honest Trailer.
  3. CinemaSins – Because they have an excellent point … no movie is without sin.
  4. Matthew Santoro – Because he does really cool stuff! I mean, he does stuff like 20 Amazing Facts About the Universe and 10 Most Notorious Hackers of All Time
  5. Variant Comics – Because they ROCK everything comics. I’m not a comic book reader. I just can’t read a book with that much pictures in it. I know, I’m weird. I tried. But I watched the X-Men cartoon religiously on Saturday mornings as a kid. As someone who loves a good story, comics are really good at that. And since I can’t read comic books, I’m SO thankful these guys decided to make a YouTube channel. I love hearing all the back stories.

So, these Top 5 YouTube channels are my go-to channels. They help me stay a well-rounded infojunkie. They’re not the only channels I visit, but they’re the ones I visit the most over the course of the week.

(NaBloPoMo 2014, Day 15)

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