Movie 411: Berrymore & Sandler, together again

Boy, is it good to see this on-screen duo again. I know this movie got razzed on for being similar to Sandler’s movie with Aniston, Just Go With It, but for me they were both entirely different movies and good in their own rights.

But this review is on Blended, a Wedding Singer reunion of sorts.

Let me start by saying the acting was as good as always. Adam and Drew is one of my favorite on-screen duos (Hm, I should do a Top 5 list on that … *note to self*). I’ve enjoyed their chemistry on screen since their debut in The Wedding Singer. In addition to Sandler and Berrymore, is The Happy Madison crew and I swear, I tend to watch Happy Madison movies just to see what characters these actors/actresses will show up as. I love it! The actors/actresses portraying their children did a good job.

I must say, I really enjoy seeing this team progress; from two movies playing the young couple falling in love to parents falling in love … I love it! I really do.

Since there are little to no ‘graphics,’ I’ll jump straight into the storyline. Yes, it’s similar to Just Go With in the respect that Aniston had kids and Sandler kind of took them under his wing and it involved a trip to, what some people call, an exotic place (sorry, everyone. I live in Hawaii so it’s not that exotic to me) for them to fall in love. I get that. But I love the fact they went to Africa, because who’d think Africa was the kid of place you fall in love? Not I. And I love the fact they used a “familymoon” and stressed blended families. There was humor with a touch of seriousness, classic. I really enjoyed this one.

As much as I loved this movie, I don’t if I’d add this to my collection. It’s funny, it’s a good movie, it’s a movie I’d watch again, but I don’t think it’s a movie I’d watch enough times to justify a $15-30 purchase. Anyway, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s willing to listen 🙂 .

Favorite Scene:
I have to say, it’s the one where Jim let’s Tyler get up on an ostrich. I mean, seriously? I’d definitely try that!

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